BALTECH TR - Services with imager, infrared cameras

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BALTECH TR - Services with imager, infrared cameras

Services with imager

Thermal imaging inspection is an advanced technology. It gives the possibility to check the quality of construction works and identify hidden defects, without compromising the integrity of the structures. The operation helps to implement the imager. This is a special device that measures the amount of thermal radiation emitted from surfaces, located in a zone of the lens device.

The end result is a thermogram displayed on the screen in the form of colorful pictures. Are the areas heated to different degrees. Color tones can be accurately (to the hundredths of a degree) to know the degree of surface heating.

The task of thermal imaging inspections

Services the imager can be useful for:

• Determination of thermal losses of buildings (high-rise, detached houses) and apartments;

• Diagnosis of heating systems (water);

• Condition monitoring of electrical networks and their individual components.

Examined with a thermal imager a thermal anomaly, the therapist can:

• To draw a conclusion about the presence of faults in the teplokontur walling structures;

• Find in the heating mains of the premises of violation of the circulation of the coolant;

• Detect overheating of the contacts and conductors in electrical circuits;

• Control on the power lines, the integrity of insulators.

The service of the imager when the inspection of buildings

The device can send WI-FI the image on your screen or computer display. Equipped with a camera, the imager will take pictures in the infrared spectrum and the visible range of waves that will allow you to obtain the perception data a complete picture.

Service applications allow you to:

• Find hidden and defective communication (e.g., electrical, in the "warm floor", the pipes in heating networks);

• Monitor parts of the electrical circuits;

• To detect drafts in the house (blowing from);

• Diagnose the quality of functioning of systems of heating and water supply;

• Perform thermal control of the equipment;

• To determine the quality of the installations of Windows and doors;

• To detect overheated electrical wiring in place.


To offer quality services to the imager, it is necessary to have a modern device and have a good knowledge in the field of thermography. Therefore, the company Baltech offers:

1. A simple and inexpensive infrared camera BALTECH TR-0110, BALTECH TR-0120, BALTECH TR-0140, BALTECH TR-0150, BALTECH TR-0170, BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro, certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan;

2. Training center of excellence and training, which conducts training courses in thermography.


We have also created a Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016). Its employees comply with the thermal imaging diagnostics of objects with the infrared camera BALTECH TR.