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Home inspection a thermal imager - BALTECH GmbH, measurement

Home inspection a thermal imager

The first models of thermal imagers were bulky. Their weight reached 30 kg. However, with the development of optics, sensors, microprocessors and other technology devices have become more sophisticated, and their weight decreased to 0.5 kg, which made the device easy to operate. Light weight thermal imager also makes it easier to survey your home.

Modern cameras are able to shoot objects. Most of them allows to carry out video filming, recording information in the IR spectrum.

Benefits of a home inspection a thermal imager

If you look at the statistics of the energy consumption in houses in the middle zone of the Russian Federation, you can see that during the heating season, a large proportion of daily income spent on additional heating. Moreover, many pay for the lost heat. Causes hidden defects of construction and the natural decline of legacy tightness of joints.

The displacement of the insulation and invisible flaws of wall openings/doors/Windows increase the level of humidity and other violations of the microclimate, which negatively affects the health of the occupants of the house. To identify these shortcomings need to check the house with a thermal imager.

Causes of heat loss

The main cause of heat loss (30-40%) - the tiniest of gaps between the walls of the room and its Windows. If such losses translate into money, turn out a decent cost.

The second reason is the joints of the walls and roof. The loss of heat occur in areas not having a good ventilation system. Here happens the thermal efficiency in the attic space. The roof insulation will save up to 20 % of heat.

To determine the exact level of thermal conductivity of materials of the roof and reveal hidden cracks you will need a thermal imaging inspection of roof area. Can recommend a and thermal control equipment to check:

• Radiators;

• The "warm floor";

• Wiring;

• Flaps.

When recommended thermal imaging survey?

The optimum time to check the house with a thermal imager – the cold period of the year when it will be easier to achieve the required minimum (10°C) temperature difference inside the building and outside on the street. This does not mean that the inspection cannot be carried out in year period. Have the object under study to further cool/heat either carry out the inspection before sunrise or after sunset.

Ie, the test can be carried out year-round, but the best period is from September to may.

Home inspection a thermal imager will help to control:

• Quality of operation of heating systems;

• The tightness of the openings;

• The condition of the walls;

• Locking at different time, temperature and humidity changes;

All the information on the work carried out can be saved.

In short, thermal imaging showing the dynamics of heat loss, will help to determine their causes. Find invisible ways of passing heat, it can easily save that will save the budget of any family.

The company Baltech offers:

• Simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras TR series are certified in Russia and Kazakhstan;

• Facilities for conducting thermal imaging diagnostics. It holds the office of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got a certificate to July 2016)

• Courses in thermography in our Training center training and training.