BALTECH GmbH - Cheap thermal imager, infrared cameras, measurement devices

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BALTECH GmbH - Cheap thermal imager, infrared cameras, measurement devices

Cheap thermal imager

To the lower price category thermal imagers, having:

• A basic set of functions;

• Short lens;

• Sensor size not exceeding 160 x 120 pixels.

Budget thermal imaging camera with affordable price, are easy to use and also have:

• Light weight;

• Compact dimensions;

• Wide field of view.

Cheap thermal imaging camera, allowing visualization of the thermal field of the controlled objects, and also enables temperature measurements in the center of the picture displayed on the display device. If you want a high enough temperature, choose devices equipped with the job function of the emissivity for different surfaces.

Separate inexpensive devices can be equipped with:

• Built-in digital camera;

• With overlay on the visible image of the thermal images;

• Laser designator;

• Backlight;

• The ability to save received images stored in the camera memory or on removable devices (flash drives, CDs).

Inspection of industrial machinery, electrical equipment and miscellaneous mechanisms requires mandatory implementation of a thermal control heat as the equipment itself and its separate elements. Even using cheap thermal imager, you can dramatically increase the efficiency of such technical work. The device efficiency is manifested in an instantaneous determination of zones in which there are temperature anomalies. Increased temperature indicates the heat leak is a sign of local overheating.

Applying to work cheap thermal imager, you can solve most problems in the field of thermal imaging. Inexpensive device will allow you to quickly identify:

• The escape of heat. Improper installation of window systems and/or poor installation of enclosing structures.

• Overheated bearings and the contact elements;

• Overly heated electrical conductors, etc.

If your diagnosis does not require a lot of detail in the resulting images and a variety of functions, we recommend you to buy cheap thermal imager. If you have a particular experience, its proper use will allow you to identify the problems no worse than when operating the top models of thermal imaging cameras.

Therefore, the company Baltech offers:

1. A simple and inexpensive infrared camera BALTECH TR-0110, BALTECH TR-0120, BALTECH TR-0140, BALTECH TR-0150, BALTECH TR-0170, BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro, certified in Russia and Kazakhstan;

2. Training center of excellence and training, which conducts training courses in thermography.


If you have difficulty in choosing the device, we recommend you to contact our Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016). Here you will select, on the basis of your task, the optimal model of the thermal imager.