BALTECH TR, Operation of thermal imager, infrared cameras

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BALTECH TR, Operation of thermal imager, infrared cameras

Operation of thermal imager

For examination you can apply different methods: radio, optical, liquid penetrant, magnetic, acoustic, x-ray, etc. However, they are inferior to thermal method, and not all of them are suitable for the control of enclosing structures.

Perhaps the only optical method is partially used in thermal imaging photography can be used in parallel with heat.

The Imager Is The "Eye"

Many experts compare the operation of the imager with the mechanism of our eyes. Under the "eyes" of the device refers to the matrix and the lens. The obtained data is processed by the computer ("brain" of the instrument). The vision we receive radiation in the range of 0.38–0.7 microns, and thermal - 3,5–8,14 microns. The wavelength ranges different, "photodetector", but the function principles of organ and imager similar.

Thermal radiation is not visible to the human eye, but in the dark, if you heat the object to 500°C, it will be visible. The radiation associated with heating, has a continuous emission spectrum.

Any object visible to the naked eye, infrared is the source of thermal radiation. Even at zero temperature object will radiate heat. Radiation when working with the thermal imaging camera is 0.7-1000 microns. Therefore, the instrument affects the field of millimeter waves.

The signal is transformed into a computer the device turns into a thermogram. Further transformations allow to obtain the temperature field, attributing to every point a certain temperature. However, it may differ from the actual temperature.

Types of thermal imagers

Produced different types of devices.

The imaging guidance is capable of showing a thermal image of the controlled object in the night, but they can't issue the range of measured temperatures, and does not include a temperature measurement function. Therefore, their scope is security systems, where the temperature is not important.

Radiometric thermal imaging camera can in the field of temperatures to freeze the image. He possesses precision measurement and accuracy, is therefore considered a measuring device.

The imagers are divided into two groups. The first will include devices with mechanical scanning, the second device with electronic scanning. In the vast majority of instances, the imaging of the second class, operating in the infrared region of the spectrum.

The imaging of the first class has a huge disadvantage is a small performance. However, they have also a big plus. For any monitoring point, such imagers include a receiver with uniform characteristics. Therefore, to measure the temperature far preferable to use such a device. But devices with electronic scanning has hundreds of thousands of receivers, to ensure that the same parameters at the moment is a big problem.

To the work of the thermal imager was successful, requires specific knowledge and high-quality device. The company Baltech offers:

1. A simple and inexpensive infrared camera BALTECH TR-0110, BALTECH TR-0120, BALTECH TR-0140, BALTECH TR-0150, BALTECH TR-0170, BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro, certified in Russia and Kazakhstan;

2. Training center of excellence and training, which conducts training courses in thermography.