BALTECH GmbH, Thermal imaging diagnostics, infrared cameas, infrared windows

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BALTECH GmbH, Thermal imaging diagnostics, infrared cameas, infrared windows

Thermal imaging diagnostics


If you compare traditional testing methods and thermal imaging diagnostic units, it turns out that the second option is more promising direction in the diagnosis of electrical equipment. Thermal imaging has a bunch of advantages, among which we can mention:

• The validity of the obtained data;

• Small labor for the operation;

• Diagnose all types of substation equipment;

• Ability to detect defects at their early stage of development;

• A large amount of work for a certain time;

• The safety of personnel when performing measurements;

• No need to disconnect equipment and prepare the working place.


It is established that the appearance of most of the defects and their development leads to higher surface temperature of all equipment or certain parts of it. Thermal imaging can quickly and accurately identify this defect. It has many merits, but "panacea" is not. It is therefore recommended to combine it with the method of detection of defects under stress and other methods.

Why you need thermal imaging?

Let's see what gives us the thermal imaging and why it is needed. Many objects have the following equipment:

• Capacitors of communication;

• Transformers of voltage and current;

• Power transformers;

• Arresters;

• Air circuit breakers;

• Oil tanks;

• Surge arresters;

• Porcelain insulators (support, suspension);

• Support structure busducts and busbar bridges;

• Different types of contacts and their connections.


They require thermal control. After completing the survey of the substation or electrical equipment, begin to classify defects and determine their parameters. This will allow to establish the degree of risk for the industrial equipment and the time development of the detected defect to a critical state when there is an accident. After that, recommendations for Troubleshooting and deadlines. If appropriate, additional tests are being conducted for industrial units who have defects.

The end result of a thermal imaging survey is a report that:

• Discusses defective places;

• There are photos of the faults and of the images;

• Specify parameters of defects and the degree of their accidents.


In the future this information will be useful to electrical services to correct identified problems.

Modern equipment is expensive, so repair will be expensive. If it fails to carry out thermal imaging diagnostics, it is possible to reduce the possibility of an emergency and to save the finances that you will need to stop and repair of equipment.


Practice has shown that thermal imaging is indispensable for:

• Performing electrical repairs;

• Prevention of electrical equipment;

• Enter new equipment into operation.

The company Baltech offers:

• Simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan;

• Facilities for conducting thermal imaging diagnostics. It holds the office of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got a certificate to July 2016)

• Courses in thermography in our Training center training and training.