BALTECH TR, How much is a thermal imaging camera, infrared cameras

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BALTECH TR, How much is a thermal imaging camera, infrared cameras

How much is a thermal imaging camera

A definite answer to the question "how much is a thermal imaging camera?" cannot be given. A lot depends on the following characteristics of the device:

• Resolution;

• Sensitivity of the infrared sensor;

• The quality of the focusing system;

• Staffing additional features.

The only thing you can tell right away the price of the thermal imager, regardless of its characteristics, is quite high.

The resolution and sensitivity of the IR sensor.

The quality of images depends on resolution and IR sensitivity of the sensor. In portable imaging function of the sensor is usually performed by the uncooled bolometric matrix type. This is an important component of IR devices, which affect the cost of the device.

Dear imagers, equipped with a high quality bolometric matrices are typically equipped with color TFT displays (touch). This also affects the cost of the imager.

Quality focusing system

The second component affecting the price of the device, a focusing system consisting of a set of lenses. Made of special material, these lenses provide the refraction of the infrared radiation. In the models industry (construction) class, as well as to imagers for hunting, used lenses made from expensive Germany. The instruments used for external monitoring, the polymeric materials to reduce the price of a thermal imaging system.

Powerful wide angle optics and lenses that provide detailed imaging at great distances with the large germanium lens. Therefore, the cost of thermal imaging equipment fitted with such lenses, increases. This applies to devices with multiple interchangeable lenses.

Additional functions

Additional functions are the third factor that affects the price of the thermal imager. To improve diagnosis imager equipped with measuring, analytical and other additional features.

Expensive machines equipped with a feature for superimposing visible and infrared images, as well as a built-in digital camera will enable to carry out:

• Annotating thermal images;

• Thermal imaging video;

• Exchange of information in wireless mode;

• Managing at a distance, etc.

Therefore, choosing a thermal imager for infrared diagnostics, it is necessary to look not only at its price. You should also pay attention to the functionality of the equipment, which will effectively solve your problem.

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