BALTECH TR, Building thermal imager, infrared cameras, measurement devices

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BALTECH TR, Building thermal imager, infrared cameras, measurement devices

Building thermal imager

Thermal cameras have found application in various spheres of human activity. Found application of the device and in construction. The device, being an effective means of non-destructive control, gives the opportunity to identify defects in internal communications and gaps in building structures and to document them.

Instrument characteristics used in the construction

For the construction industry produced a highly sensitive low-temperature apparatus is able to record temperature up to +350°C.


Professional imagers are equipped with specific features that increase the efficiency of thermal imaging surveys of buildings and making them easier and faster. Expensive building instruments equipped with software that allows you to quickly create the reports you want.


Thermal imagers for building is also equipped with function of low temperature alarm. It allows to find the zones of condensation and to identify locations of damage to thermal insulation.


To external infrared survey of facilities was more effective, thermal imaging cameras are equipped with interchangeable lenses:


• Wide angle, allowing to obtain images of the General plan;

• A telephoto lens, giving you the opportunity to study in detail the critical areas.


The presence of interchangeable lenses allows the examination of the facade of a large building without changing shooting position. However, the cost of this imager will be above the price of the device, equipped with one fixed lens.

The main areas of application of building thermal imager


The device allows easy checking of the conformity of the specifications of the building built to the requirements of technical specifications. It can help you:


• Oversee the electrical wiring, switching and distribution arrangements and other domestic power grids;

• To diagnose and monitor the components of different systems: forced ventilation, air-conditioning, heating;

• Search for places of leakage of pipelines (sewer, cold water) and cracks in the building structure;

• To assess the quality waterproofing and insulation;

• Identify the location of thermal bridges;

• Analyze the operation of the electrical system of the building.

Construction of the imager is also able to objectively assess the scope of work required before the reconstruction of old buildings or renovate old buildings to determine the need for performing insulation works.


The company BALTECH offers consumers a simple thermal imaging cameras TR series (certified in Russia and Kazakhstan) and a unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL.


Our Department of Technical Service (OTS) , which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016),

also able to carry out thermal imaging diagnostics of objects using the aforementioned thermal imagers.