BALTECH TR, The using of thermal imaging cameras, i´nfrared cameras

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BALTECH TR, The using of thermal imaging cameras, i´nfrared cameras

The using of thermal imaging cameras

Under the thermal imager means a precise instrument, revealing the pattern of heat distribution on the controlled surface. To ensure equipment uptime is usually used contactless method of examination.


As the device is able to remotely distinguish between changes in heat, not depending on lighting and weather conditions, there are many areas that use thermal imaging equipment.

The scope of Electricity

We are accustomed to the fact that when measuring the temperature of a conductor or contact, it should be shut down. However, the standard method leads to cooling, which affects the measurement accuracy. But thermal imaging cameras allow you to perform contactless temperature measurements without shutting down the equipment, resulting in high measurement accuracy.


In our country the builders don't always do the right thing. This is evidenced by complaints from residents that there is something not completed yet, and all is poorly made, etc. However, to prove convincingly why the apartment regularly for drafts or cold in the winter, it was impossible.

With the advent of infrared cameras it is possible to demonstrate quality of insulation properties of insulation or built walls. The device allows you to pinpoint the location of heat leakage. Having identified the defect, additionally insulated area and get rid of the condensation on the Windows. This applies to public utilities. "Armed with" a thermal imager, you can easily assess the state of insulation of the building.


The members of the fire service or specialists of the emergency situations often have to navigate complex situations: fire, smoke, etc. Therefore, the imaging cameras have become extremely popular in these units. They allow rescuers and firefighters to see the man in the dark, and the smoke. Turning on the thermal imager, firefighter could also find the safest escape route.

Military action

Modern military equipment coming into service, often completed with a thermal imaging camera (for example, T-90 tank, drones), which gives the opportunity to successfully accomplish their mission in the fog, in the dark and other low visibility conditions. Using a thermal imager can easily detect the enemy and his equipment. Devices are often installed on the technique, involving a remote control.

Hunting, Hiking

If at first century hunting thermal cameras were the exception, now they have become the norm. Young hunting enthusiasts are increasingly turning to thermal imaging devices: simplifies zeroing of the sight and provides a clear observation of the target at any time and under any conditions.

This trend is gradually moved in the sphere of tourism. Using the imager, the guide is able to quickly detect, even in the woods, the stragglers of the tourist. The public has always been against the use of such devices in tourism and hunting, but this did not prevent their rapid spread.


In this field, for examination of patients, development and research were conducted in the Soviet Union. Therefore, medical examination of the body cameras is no longer considered a rarity.

The company Baltech offers its products and its services:


1. A simple and inexpensive infrared cameras BALTECH TR-certified in Kazakhstan, Germany and Russia;

2. Unique thermometers for measuring the temperature of BALTECH TL;

3. Performing thermal imaging of objects with thermal imaging cameras;

4. Training courses in thermography in the Training centre of excellence and training.