BALTECH TR, The best thermal imager, infrared camera

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BALTECH TR, The best thermal imager, infrared camera

The best thermal imager

Modern devices capable of a wide range of contactless determine the temperature difference of the object. Range professional cameras 2-3 km, and tracking systems are unable to detect them (contrast to optical devices).

People can not see heat radiation. Therefore, the best thermal imager converts it to outlines, available to our eyes, reproducing the image on the camera. The output image on the screen possible even when this powerless night vision device! Transfer of images is possible in color or black and white options. The color displaying of information may include:

• Heated iron;

• Blue-red shades;

• Grey shades.

The "photo" object is allowed to write to the memory of the thermal imager and/or display in the form of a bitmap with a specific resolution. Thermal imagers can be produced by manufacturers in the form of:

• Monoculars;

• Scopes;

• Cameras;

• Binoculars, etc.

The best imagers active:

• Operated by hunters;

• Used by rescuers to search for people lost in the woods;

• Applied in industry, where you need non-contact detection of teplotechnik (cold) in insulating systems, etc.

The main parameters of the quality of the thermal imager

While many models of thermal imagers, the price remains high. Therefore, the choice of the instrument is determined from the task. To:

• Control of public utilities is sufficiently lightweight and compact thermal imaging camera with a basic set of functions;

• Troubleshoot transmission lines will require more difficult and costly advanced devices;

• The laboratory will suit highly specialized fixed thermal imaging system.

The quality of the equipment depends on:

• Matrix imager. It allows the device to detect the temperature difference in the studied points, trapped in the frame. Recommended for fans of the matrix resolution of 240х180 pixels. For professionals – from 384х228 pixels;

• Lens of the device. It is considered the highest quality German optics that can transmit malovany. Compact cameras are equipped with lenses from 15 to 19 mm, high-end devices - optics 50 mm the Device has a minimal multiplicity, gives a wide viewing angle. If you want the coverage of a large area, stop the choice on a wide angle lens. At large distances and in a limited space, choose a digital zoom and optical magnification more x2;

• Display of the apparatus. OLED-display will be your optimal choice when operating the camera in any weather. Even extreme weather would not be for such a screen in the way. It will not freeze. The sharpness of the image depends on the resolution: the higher, the sharper. If you want tracking of moving objects (animals for hunting), the refresh rate should be 30-50 Hz.;

Additional options include recording a received image or search by GPS.

Global manufacturers offer consumers the best thermal imaging cameras for construction, tourism, hunting, industry and other spheres. Our company also offers businesses and individuals simple and inexpensive devices BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.


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