BALTECH TR, The difference between calibration imaging from calibration

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BALTECH TR, The difference between calibration imaging from calibration

The difference between calibration imaging from calibration


Thermal imaging is becoming more common, because with thermal imaging cameras can see heat, see temperature distribution on the surface of the controlled object, to measure the temperature at the desired point. However, this tool NDT is to provide the specialists with reliable information, so periodically checking (mandatory) and calibration of thermal imagers.


Just below we will see what it is, and what the differences between them.

What it is

Under the calibration means the series of activities that determine the suitability of devices to use. The process is carried out by authorized organizations (for example, the national metrological service). The basis of the experimentally established the metrological characteristics and confirming their compliance with existing requirements. All measuring equipment should be subject to mandatory calibration, state metrological supervision.

Calibration of thermal imagers – a set of separate operations. There are two values. The first value is set using the standard, the second is obtained using the device. Calibration determines the relationship between reference and measurement values.

Calibration is necessary to determine the actual metrological characteristics of the imager. As a rule, calibration instruments are subjected, do not require mandatory state metrological control.


If verification bodies fulfill the GMS, calibration imaging is performed metrological Agency having conditions for skilled surgery.

Calibration is a voluntary surgery that does not relieve the metrological service from complying with the necessary requirements. The basic requirement - a "binding" of the imager to the state standard. Therefore, this operation is practically an integral part of the state system, which ensures the unity of measurements.


Given that this system harmonized with the international rules of measurement, calibration of thermal imagers is an integral part of the global system, ensuring the unity of measurements.


To summarize the differences:

1. Verification - verification of compliance of thermal imager to certain standards. Calibration is bringing the instrument to a certain standard;

2. Calibration is required, calibration is a voluntary procedure;

3. Verification is performed by the HMS, calibration and internal Affairs authorities, and the metrological service of the enterprise.

The company Baltech is a certified service center in Russia and Kazakhstan. We perform the calibration of thermal imagers and their calibration, in view of their specificity. Calibration is carried out by our Department of Technical Services (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016). The operation is performed on the electronic black body a blackbody.