BALTECH TR, Study of the thermal imager, infrares cameras

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BALTECH TR, Study of the thermal imager, infrares cameras

Study of the thermal imager

Thermal imaging allows you to quickly identify Assembly faults and construction defects. The thermal study is done in stages:

1. Turns out the temperature contour of the studied surfaces, the presence of wind and precipitation, the temperature difference external and internal;

2. Performed diagnostic inspection of the subject building;

3. According to the obtained information is thatched;

4. Drawn charts, diagrams and visual temperature map of the object. Studying the thermogram, it is necessary, focusing on the color, compare the pictures. On the basis of the thermograms compiled representation of the radiation;

5. Compile a list of necessary recommendations;

6. Summarized the final output.

Study of the thermal imager allows to obtain visual information about the heat radiation. As a result, the user receives a thermogram with conclusions and recommendations, i.e., reliable information.

What can be detected with a thermal imager?

Study of a thermal imager makes it possible to identify:

1. Installation defects;

2. Defects in heat insulation and piping;

3. Wear roof/walls;

4. Accumulations of condensate;

5. Errors in the construction of the building, installation or reconstruction;

6. Plugged radiators;

7. The point of leaks in the roof, Windows, bridges and other structures;

8. Gusts of steam isolation;

9. Areas wear areas of the insulation (outside, inside) and working bases;

10. Place the laying of pipes and coils in heating systems;

11. Drafts;

12. Bridges cold.

Thermal imaging will allow the customer using the thermal image to obtain information about invisible radiation. The study concludes with a thermal mapping of the object. It is given to the client and indicates places with precise heating temperature. Thanks to this card to the consumer remains to insulate the defective seats or replacing defective switching devices.


The company Baltech offers services for conducting thermal imaging diagnostics of any objects. Using modern thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR, our Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016.), quickly and with a guarantee will perform all the necessary work.


We identify problem areas and indicate their location in the report. You will only need to eliminate problem areas. We often witness irrational heating buildings, when most of the heat just disappears.

If you want to avoid this, enclose the contract with our company, specializes in thermal imaging surveys!