BALTECH GmbH, Manufacturers of thermal imagers, infrared cameras

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BALTECH GmbH, Manufacturers of thermal imagers, infrared cameras

Manufacturers of thermal imagers


On the Russian market a lot of proposals from various manufacturers. The range of models is very diverse. Therefore, consider briefly the products of world famous brands and domestic manufacturers.

Global brands


The American company manufactures its products in 7 countries. The brand offers users the cameras:

• Productive;

• Professional;

• Expert.

Their Assembly is characterized by impeccable quality. The devices are reliable and two-year service warranty. However, many experts doubt in a high impact technology Fluke when falling from two-meter height. Because in the promotional video, manufacturer of thermal imagers do not show the actual drop height, and the independent tests in this respect were not carried out.


Another manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras from the United States. In the beginning (1978), the company produced instruments mounted on airplanes and have received wide recognition. Then the brand began to produce contactless devices for industries, which allowed finding defects at the stage of their occurrence.

The company produces thermal imaging cameras for:

• Hunting;

• Houses;

• Video surveillance;

• Survey systems (mechanical, electrical).


Manufacturers of thermal imaging devices in Germany trying to keep up with US. Real – world example, brand Testo. Its first product - a medical thermometer. And since 2008 the company produces high-tech imaging.

The model range of the German manufacturer consists of 15 cameras. Pricing policy diverse. Cheap unit worth 100,000, and the cost of an expensive device exceeds million rubles!


Superior design and high resistance to different products of the Japanese manufacturer. Thermal imagers are also characterized by rich functionality and excellent technical characteristics. But I'm curious. Although thermal imaging cameras are made in Japan, buy them in this country impossible. Because all deliveries are controlled by the US. Therefore, like Fluke, model brand NEC are on the US market twice cheaper than the Russian.

Domestic manufacturers


Russian manufacturers of thermometers also make great devices.


In Kolomna, the company produces thermal imaging cameras are used in different spheres of production. The high performance of the devices speak a variety of over 300 medals and diplomas. We will add that the products of Techno-AC became the winner of the national contest "one Hundred best Russian goods", and the enterprise - the winner of another competition: "1000 best Russian enterprises of the 21st century".


The main purpose of the company's products Titan - surveillance. Imagers can also be used to protect airports and terminals. Models are in good resolution and have a variety of options, allowing the user to customize the device.


Global standards are complied with in the production of thermal imagers of the company, often used for protection of objects. Models are distinguished by their high frequency and their dermocosmetology - 20 µm. The field of view of the imagers is 25 degrees, the spectral range of 5-10 microns.


The company Baltech is also included in the list of leading domestic manufacturers. Engaged in manufacturing and supplying of imaging cameras for energy audits, we provide consumers with a simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia and Kazakhstan.


All devices meet the Standards: ISO 18436-7 (for thermography) and ISO 18434-1.