BALTECH TR, To investigate the thermal imager, infrared camera

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BALTECH TR, To investigate the thermal imager, infrared camera

To investigate the thermal imager

Russia is gradually gaining popularity a survey of the house thermal. Citizens are beginning to understand that it is important not only to produce energy, but to save it. And here comes to the aid of a thermal imager, a device that allows people to "see" the temperature of different objects.

IR radiation is converted into an image that is available for our eyes. The picture will be colored, which allows the color palette to determine the location of heat leaks in the house, the accumulation of moisture and drafts. After analyzing the image, is to eliminate defects of builders and walkways to insulate the cold.

In the end, the owner of the house gets:

• Safe housing;

• Energy efficient home;

• Energy savings.

If you check the house with the thermal imager can be diagnosed:

• Laying of thermal insulation material;

• The installation of "warm floor";

• Installation of power grids;

• Wiring of ventilation systems.

Insulation inspection is often ordered during the construction of baths. The room should quickly heat up and slow to cool. The index of thermal efficiency set with the help of thermal imager.

Actual this service with the purchase of suburban real estate. Externally, the building may look attractive. However, this does not mean that the quality used in the construction materials and of the works themselves corresponds to the price. The survey will help to identify weaknesses at home, if they are available. In the end, you can cancel the purchase or reduce the price of the property.

The cost of the survey

Take the Moscow region.

A survey by the imager of a private house with area of 100 m2 or one-bedroom city apartment will cost about 5000 rubles. The cost of operation increases with the square of the room. Separately considered the departure of the master, reporting measurements, and other services. If you take the average value, the total amount of one examination is almost 10 thousand rubles.

If you have decided to engage in this activity, we recommend to buy first, inexpensive equipment. Its cost will pay off after 15-20 surveys.

We offer entrepreneurs a simple and inexpensive infrared camera BALTECH TR-0110, BALTECH TR-0120, BALTECH TR-0140, BALTECH TR-0150, BALTECH TR-0170, BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro, certified in Russia and Kazakhstan.

If you require training, welcome to Training center of excellence and training BALTECH. Note that the process of measurement is simple. However, there are some restrictions and rules that ensure the reliability of the survey.

Technology measurements based on the difference of two temperatures: on the street and indoors.

Recommended measurements in winter, when the apparent temperature difference.

In the offseason have to heat the room, to raise the temperature in the house. It should be 10-15ºC above the street. Using artvera, creating a pressure difference inside and outside the premises, measured by air permeability.

In the summer the room will have cooled mobile air conditioning.

As you can see, a lot of nuances, so training courses in thermography will benefit you!