BALTECH TR, The principle of operation of the imager, infrared cameras

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BALTECH TR, The principle of operation of the imager, infrared cameras

The principle of operation of the imager

The thermal imager is an expensive device and quite difficult to manufacture the device. However, its popularity is constantly growing, and it finds application in various fields of human activities. Therefore, we consider the principle of operation of the imager.


Under thermal imaging equipment means a special unit used to monitor the temperature distribution inside the object or on its surface. The operation of the imager is directly related to thermography. Under the thermography refers to the scientific method, allowing to image in the infrared rays.


The General principle of operation of the imager: it IR camera, proximity locking the warm radiation of an object, converts it to a digital signal. He then transferred to the device, visvedevas on the screen in the form of a thermal image.


How to work with a thermal imager

When inspecting a building subject to heat loss, should be placed on the 25-meter distance (maximum) from the building. In this case the object under investigation must not overlap with the plants, animals, cars, and other foreign objects.


Including portable thermal imaging camera, it is necessary to direct the locator to the desired area. The position of the locator is fixed for a few seconds, and the resulting screen image is stored in the instrument memory. Without changing the settings of the imager should be moved to another study area. Changing the location, you need to save the data.


If you want a thermal imaging inspection of power supply networks to detect damage, it is mandatory to wear a helmet, rubber gloves, and use other means of protection. Standing at 70 cm (minimum) from the desired object, operate the imager. Installing limit the sensitivity of the locator, to test the result: the device goes to two cables are de-energized and energized. The test is considered successful if the color characteristics are polar.


After verifying proper operation of the imager, proceed to the inspection of the object. Don't touch it, even when the survey closed ducts and nodes. To obtain a picture of the damaged section you need with the exact location.


To successfully carry out thermal imaging surveys, you need to have the necessary knowledge and to have high quality devices.

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