Baltech GmbH, Examination of the thermal imager, infrared camera

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Baltech GmbH, Examination of the thermal imager, infrared camera

Examination of the thermal imager

Diagnostics of buildings (commercial, residential) is recommended with thermal imaging cameras. Using these devices, you can:


• Found in the roof of moisture;

• Inspect the insulation of buildings to identify heat loss and air leaking.

The detection of roof moisture

Practice shows that in the roofs, low slope, a couple of years of operation there are serious problems. The reasons may be associated with it:

• Design;

• The installation;

• Maintenance, etc.


Under such roof means a flat roof, the slope of which is used for removal of precipitation. The design of the flat roof is framing installed with a waterproof membrane and installed rigid insulation. Damage associated with moisture, can be costly to the home owner. Because getting into the roofing system, moisture will immediately cause damage to the roof and leads to its premature failure.


Examination of the thermal imager helps you quickly identify wet insulation and replace it. From under the roof surface moisture is removed, which significantly increases the service life of the roof. A great advantage of thermal imaging inspections is that it is indestructible.

Survey of thermal insulation of buildings

Examination of the thermal imager gives you the opportunity to determine the effectiveness of insulation. Therefore, this operation is often carried out building inspectors, contractors and energy auditors. The comfort of home decreases and energy consumption increases if thermal insulation:


• No;

• Damaged;

• Does not work properly.


Problems with the insulation it is recommended to identify when the temperature difference between inside and outside is not less than 10°C. Note that you should know the type of insulation, because they have its time constant and its own signature.

Check for leaks air

Air leaks that occur because of the pressure difference (caused by wind, convective forces, the imbalance of pressures) on the object, can be directed inwards and outwards. Excessive difference of pressure helps to push air through different holes and cracks present in the building. The air can not be seen, but characteristically blurry heat signatures testify to his manifestation on different surfaces. To detect air leaks is quite small (about 3°C) temperature difference inside the building and on the street.

The quality of the expertise, the company Baltech offers businesses a simple and inexpensive infrared camera BALTECH TR-0110, BALTECH TR-0120, BALTECH TR-0140, BALTECH TR-0150, BALTECH TR-0170, BALTECH TR-0180 Zorro, certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.

So that your employees can learn to work with these devices in our Training center training and training professionals offer courses on thermography.

If you don't want to have full-time staff, our Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016) will perform thermal imaging diagnostic objects using the aforementioned thermal imagers.