BALTECH TR, Portable thermal imager, infrared cameras

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BALTECH TR, Portable thermal imager, infrared cameras

Portable thermal imager

In pursuance of thermal imaging equipment is divided into two types: stationary devices and portable devices. In this article we will discuss the portable imager.


Portable units help to carry the thermal imaging video in industry, construction, energy and other related industries. Portable thermal imager is a one piece body, where located system of the device:

• The management bodies;

• Display;

• Matrix;

• Optics;

• Medium for saving of thermal images;

• The battery.


Portable thermal imager having a weight in the range of 0.35-2 kg, can be additionally equipped with:

• Audio headset;

• Led backlight lamp;

• The laser pointer of the target;

• Built-in camera.


Independent battery power capable of providing the thermal imager 8-hour continuous operation.

If stationary devices required for the normal operation of the nitrogen cooling for portable devices created on the basis of silicon uncooled microbolometer, there's no need. Of course, in precision measurements portable imaging slightly inferior to stationary devices, but in complex appraisal work, they are irreplaceable. Play an important role in its portability and ease of use.

Possibility of connection of portable thermal imaging cameras for desktop computers or notebooks allows you to quickly process the information.

Requirements for portable thermal imagers

However, to portable devices to ensure normal functioning, must meet certain requirements. They are required to have:

• Maximum possible termorezistent. Any temperature changes and changes in the examined object should be visible;

• Practical absence of interference;

• Marginal homogeneity of the image. This will allow to obtain high-quality image objects, which temperature is not much different;

• High geometric resolution;

• LCD-display. This will give the opportunity to see the multiple specialists;

• The ability to operate at temperatures from -400C.

The company Baltech can provide you with such devices. We have a simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia and Kazakhstan.

We have a Department of Technical Service (OTS), which performs an imaging diagnostic objects using the aforementioned thermal imagers.

Finally, our Training center training and training of experts for technical staff training in thermography.