BALTECH GmbH - Power audit of objects, infrared cameras

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BALTECH GmbH - Power audit of objects, infrared cameras

Under the energy audit of objects refers to their technical examination. The ultimate goal of energy audits - improving the efficiency of energy resources and incentives for the introduction of more efficient modern equipment. The operation should be conducted by the staff of the state energy supervision or the specialists of the enterprise received from this Agency's license to perform energy audits.

Energy audits of some facilities (available in the special list of the Federal law №261) is a mandatory process, others on the basis of voluntary applications. As a result of the energy audit organization-the customer receives an energy certificate, which are data on the costs of heating, costs for hot water, heat, etc. On the basis of the information measures are developed on the optimal use of energy resources.


Power audit of objects can be:

1. Express energy. He has a short time in a reduced amount, with a minimum set of technical means. The purpose of this audit is to assess the effectiveness of the use of energy sources (one, multiple), individual units, groups of industrial equipment;

2. Instrumental. The operation is performed according to pre-designed program. Apply technical tools and use measuring devices;

3. Complex. Extensive survey, combined with environmental, energy and other types of audit;

4. For a single technological process.

In terms of the energy inspection of the company divided by the audit:

1. Primary. The event is held for the first time or after a long (over 5 years) break;

2. Another. The operation is performed with five-year intervals, but every 2 years, not less. The goal is to match the real key indicators with the previous data, and recorded in the energy passport of the organization;

3. Extraordinary. The energy inspection is performed at high process losses, change the type of fuel, the sharp increase in energy consumption, which increases the cost of the final product;

4. The pre-operation. The audit is carried out, when put into operation new equipment that came out of repair or with a modified mode of operation. The survey reveals the actual consumption of fuel and energy indicated the passport indicators.

Volume of energy audits and the outcome documents

The volume of energy audit of the enterprise depends on:

1. The examined energy system;

2. Included in the objects of the company: boiler, thermal route, distribution substation etc.;

3. Documents containing technical data.

The organization to the customer after the energy audit the contractor shall provide:

1. A written report about energy audit;

2. Developed program content activities to enhance the energy efficiency of production assets;

3. Energy performance certificates, which specifies the parameters of consumption and consumption of energy resources.

The company Baltech offers all enterprises that require energy audits of facilities, their services. The energy inspection is done, our office of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016).