BALTECH -Energy audit of a large area buildings, infrared cameras

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BALTECH -Energy audit of a large area buildings, infrared cameras

Buildings with a large area, have a huge energy saving potential, because they are characterized by high energy intensities m2. So energy audit will help you find many opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of such structures.

However, even for experienced engineers energy audit of buildings in a large area can be a complex process. In high-rise structures are formed by unpredictable air currents arising from the interaction of:

• Exhaust fans;

• Thrust;

• Air distribution systems having high blood pressure.

Complicates the work of specialists and a huge amount of information. There have been such cases that the auditors, after returning from the test object in the office, could not perform analysis of the collected information because I was confused in the data.

An example of a completed energy survey

Consider one energy audit example – office building, area of which is 7 154 m2. Let's see what:

• Cost of energy;

• The savings to be made after a comprehensive energy audit;

• The approximate cost of surgery.


The total annual consumption of the office building is $340.000. $130.000 is spent on electricity, and $210.000 – gas.

As a result of energy inspection energy auditors have recommended numerous energy saving measures where the savings to investment value was higher than unity.


Recommendations meant a replacement:

1. Heating equipment boilers high efficiency;

2. Light bulbs energy-saving lamps;

3. The lighting control system;

4. Super installation for the production of ice;

5. Thermal insulation of pipes.


And also:

6. Installation of a new system of air distribution, with variable flow;

7. Installing high-efficiency electric motors;

8. Optimization of the controllable HVAC system;

9. The creation of a ventilation system with heat recovery;

10. Sealing seams, which took place around the exterior window frames and doors;

11. Optimizing the functioning of the food dispensing machines.

What happened in the end?


The cost of an energy survey of almost $27.000. Annual savings after the events were supposed to be $125.000. The ratio of the price of the energy audit to annual savings equal to 0,22.

We conclude: the cost of energy audit will pay for itself almost 2.6 months! There is a benefit. Therefore, even for enterprises that fall outside the list of organizations for compulsory energy inspection is recommended at least every 5 years to conduct energy audits.

The company Baltech offers services for conducting comprehensive energy surveys. The operation carried out by the Division of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016).