BALTECH GmbH Germany - Training energy audit, infrared cameras

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BALTECH GmbH Germany - Training energy audit, infrared cameras

An energy audit is a developing and popular destinations in the area of energy saving. This is a growing and highly profitable market, and the potential of energy saving in Russia is huge.

 However, energy audits have the right to representatives SRO (self-regulatory organization). So says the FZ-261. The company is planning to conduct an energy audit must have a staff of four (minimum) of energy auditors with the appropriate qualifications. Only in this case can consider its membership in SRO of energy auditors. However, not only companies but also private persons, trained in the energy audit can be members of such organizations.

Who need training?

Energy auditing courses are designed for executives, designed for professionals and middle managers:

• Services of housing and communal services;

• Power supply, energosbytovyh, energy organizations;

• Government (municipal, regional);

• SRO in the field of energooborudovanie.

The purpose of training

The purpose of training energy audit is:

• Training of heads of enterprises;

• Training of specialists on energy audit;

• Training of staff responsible for energy management of enterprises, rules of documentation, preparation of energy passports and energy efficiency methods.

What is included in the course?

To specialist would be qualified to conduct energy audits, this training involves the following topics:

• The study of legal documents and regulatory framework;

• Application of effective solutions in the design;

• Calculates the number of consumed heat energy for buildings heating, ventilation and domestic hot water;

• Preparation of Energy passport of the enterprise;

• Control of the thermal protection structures;

• Diagnosis of life-support systems of buildings;

• Check the energy efficiency of buildings;

• Energy management;

• Increase the energy efficiency of residential buildings of old buildings;

• Energy audit of industrial enterprises and boiler houses.

Work in sphere of energy inspection involves continuous training of energy auditors. Therefore, these specialists created a lot of opportunities. If their on the job junk, the auditor can be improved with the help of distance learning. The second option is direct contact with the teacher in the classroom. But in any case, the energy auditor will be to constantly improve their skills.

Businesses interested in training can contact the company Baltech. Features our Training center training and training, which conducts training courses on energy audit.

 We offer a full training program energy audit, after which your experts will be able to conduct energy audits. During the training period, students will learn legal issues and receive recommendations from our professionals.