BALTECH GmbH - System of energy audits, infrared cameras

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BALTECH GmbH - System of energy audits, infrared cameras

The main goals of an energy audit is:

• Obtaining objective information about the volume of consumed energy resources;

• Identification of energy efficiency indicators;

• Determination of potential energy savings for subsequent increase of energyeffectiveness;

• Development of model measures on energy saving and energy efficiency;

• Valuation of public events.


System energy audits consist of several stages and different types.

The stages of energy survey


In the first stage, a search for areas with inefficient energy consumption. This phase is called the energy survey. For its implementation, performed a cost analysis of energy use in recent years and is determined by the potential object of study for energy efficiency.


The second stage involves the development of energy efficiency measures. On the basis of the received information is the energy conservation program. Part of this program includes the following activities:

• Insulation of facades of buildings and buildings;

• Automation of a heating unit of structures and buildings;

• Replacement of meters for electricity, water, heat and their installation;

• Change energopotreblenija lighting to energy efficient bulbs;

• Replacement of existing Windows with energy saving design.


In the third stage, the customer receives a technical report of energy inspection and Energy performance certificates, sent to the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation with the registration of the SRO.

Energy survey

An energy audit may be a full (comprehensive examination) and fast (Express examination).

The first type of energy audit is performed:

• Analysis of real energy use and modes of operation of industrial equipment;

• Identifies causes of energy loss;

• Prepared Energy performance certificates;

• Developed an energy saving program with their justification.

The second type of energy audit includes:

• Identify points of irrational consumption of energy resources;

• The range of activities that give an opportunity to reduce the costs of energy.

The company Baltech, having the necessary measuring equipment, offering services on carrying out both types of energy survey. The operation carried out by the Division of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016).