BALTECH GmbH - Energy audit of industrial enterprises

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BALTECH GmbH - Energy audit of industrial enterprises

The priority task of the Russian Federation in the field of energy is the efficiency of use of fuel and energy resources. Russia's economy is extremely energy intensive, so the state actively tries to promote energy saving transformation of enterprises.


Effective use of energy resources has an economic and technical value. The growth rates increases the cost in a fraction of the cost of energy resources. Therefore, the priority task of efficient use of resources are:


• Minimization of cost of production share of energy consumption;

• Reduction of energy losses;

• Modernization of industrial equipment;

• Improving the efficiency and reliability of energy supply.


To successfully solve these issues will help energy audit of industrial enterprises, including:

• Information gathering and analysis of data about the real state of the system;

• Identify recommendations for energy savings;

• The implementation of recommended actions;

• Analysis of the results.


This is a set of measures (organizational, economic, technical) that can effectively optimize energy consumption. Using the energy survey to estimate the costs of the enterprise further energy saving plan.

The list of companies


Here is a list of organizations obliged forcibly (by law) to undergo energy audits every 5 years (maximum). This list includes companies (authorities):

• The annual cost of which for energy resources exceed 10 million rubles;

• Involved in the production of energy resources and their transportation;

• Receive funding from the state/municipalities;

• Carrying out regulated activities;

• Have legal rights. .


If the timing of the passage of the energy audit are not met, the organization imposed penalties.

Major steps of energy audit

1. The collection of data on the structure of the actual energy mix and its value. Determination of energy saving potential, i.e., calculates the difference between the actual and planned conditions;

2. Based on the obtained information, the auditor draws up measures to improve energy saving systems, proving their effectiveness and making the calculation of the implementation;

3. Formed the work plan for energy conservation and propose a method for effective monitoring of their consumption. This will enable to properly to collect reliable data in order to assess implementation of the plan.


Energy audit of industrial enterprises involves a lot of template actions, but the auditor must fully understand the workings specifically of the surveyed enterprises. Therefore, the quality of the energy audit requires a considerable time. However, reducing energy costs, you can recoup the cost of the energy inspection.


The company Baltech provides services for the implementation of energy audit of enterprises. Our Specialists of the division of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016):


• Carry out complex work;

• Make useful recommendations;

• Calculate the economic impact;

• Indicate the payback period of the energy audit.