BALTECH GmhH - Passport energy audit, infrared cameras

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BALTECH GmhH - Passport energy audit, infrared cameras

Under the energy passport means the official document confirming the passage of the enterprise energy audit. This survey allows you to obtain all the data about the indicators of efficiency of use of energy in the course of activities of the investigated object.

The purpose of the passport of the energy audit

Energy performance certificates drawn up following the audit of the enterprise includes information on/about:

• The trim level of the enterprise devices. With their help considered consumed energy resources;

• The amount of used energy resources;

• The dynamics of energy consumption;

• Specific indicators of energy efficiency;

• The capacity to implement the measures of energy saving;

• Typical operations that can optimize energy efficiency.

The order of development of energy passport


Now consider the order of development of the document.

The head of the company decides whether he needs the passport of the energy audit, if the company is not listed in the list of organizations with mandatory energy inspection.


The second step is to find an audit company and conclude a contract for the operation. It is enough to use subject directories.


The third step is to work with the object of the energy audit carried out in several stages. Specialists of the audit company collect data about the object, processes the received information and performed its analysis. Then physical and instrumental examination of the object. When complete, the specialists make a report on the work done and start the development of energy passport of the company.

The nuances of creating the document

Preparation of energy performance certificate of any enterprise is based on the Order No. 400 of domestic energy. In the normative act, which was adopted on the last day of June 2014, said that the passport of the energy audit shall be prepared on the basis of information reflected in the report and based on the results of an energy survey.


Except for the cover sheet, the structure of the energy passport shall contain information about (about):

• Facility energy audit;

• The level of equipment of the object of metering devices;

• The number of used resources;

• The amount of energy losses and recommendations for their reduction;

• Assessment of prospects of economy of resources;

• Human resources activities aimed at optimizing energy efficiency.


Here also should include information about:

• The indicators characterizing the energy efficiency of facilities;

• Events that can optimize energy efficiency;

• The number of energy-producing gas, storing or processing it;

• The number of used resources.


The company Baltech offers services for energy audit and preparation of energy passport of the enterprise. The operation carried out by the Division of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016).