BALTECH GmbH - Center energy audit, infrared cameras

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BALTECH GmbH - Center energy audit, infrared cameras

An energy audit is a complex technical research, analyzing the energy efficiency of any enterprise that consume energy. The purpose of energy audits - energy optimization and more efficient use of energy resources. To take the test can a special energy audit, a member of SRO of energy auditors and has access to such studies.


Depending on the frequency, center of energy audit can perform checks:

• Primary;

• Pre-operation;

• Extraordinary;

• Another.

In terms of expertise there are:

• Comprehensive instrumental examination;

• Research of technological processes;

• Express-audit.

Energy audit at the enterprises allows to:

• Get real information about the amount of resources used;

• Identify ways to reduce energy consumption by identifying sources of energy loss and develop recommendations on their minimization;

• To create activities to reduce the cost of energy based on optimization of the technological process;

• To reduce the cost of the finished product due to the rational energy consumption.

The centre performs energy audit on facility energy survey of two levels:

• The first is the determination of the quantities of energy consumption and its costs;

• The second comprehensive survey of the energy system of the facility, development and implementation of energy saving projects.

The cost of the energy audit depends entirely on the volume of work performed. If you only want to observe FZ-261-enough for Express audit. To estimate the full state of Affairs of the energy sector companies will need more expenses.

If you want to learn how to conduct a qualitative energy survey and correctly assess General aspects of energodiagnostika companies, our Training centre of excellence and training invites you to the courses of the energy audit. The training program of the company Baltech is designed for professionals in all sorts of activities.

After the energy audit you:

• Will clearly understand new approaches to the organization of the system of energy audit

• Will be listed in the national register of experts;

• Receive the certificate of the auditor of the established sample.