BALTECH - Energy audit of residential buildings, infrared cameras

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BALTECH - Energy audit of residential buildings, infrared cameras

Thermal imaging inspection (energy audit) a private home recommended by:

• Taking work from contractors for General construction and/or insulation of the facade of the building. Heat-and-power examination allows you to control work performed under the suspicion of their substandard performance by the contractor;

• External signs of heat loss are: fuel consumption is large, but inside the house is cold; the joints of panels, corners of rooms or a separate room relatively cool; in winter, on the roof there is a significant freezing icicles in comparison with the neighboring buildings;

• The solution to warm a home. Energy audit of residential buildings will help to identify the part of the house that need more insulation, choose quality material for insulation of the facade, to determine its precise flow. This will give you the opportunity to save on the work carried out.

The final result of the energy audit of residential buildings - target program whose execution will ensure the rational use of energy (electric, thermal) and the introduction of modern energy-saving technologies. With implementation of the recommended measures can achieve almost 40% savings in energy costs.

What is thermal imaging inspection?

The survey involves:

• Energy audit of residential buildings. Using imaging operation will take up to 8 hours. It all depends on the size of the building. 3 more days will it take for the auditor's work. Getting real information about the condition of the house, it is a document and specifies a list of recommendations for the elimination/reduction of heat losses;

• A technical report. In the document are thermographic pictures and photos of the house and of the separate parts of the building. The intensity of heat loss and heat output are highlighted. There are recommendations to increase energy efficiency indicators. If the customer wishes, for building energy performance certificates drawn up.

The stages of the energy audit of residential buildings

The stages of energy survey of private houses and apartment buildings are:

• Measurements in different conditions and collect statistical data. During the heating season for an object is often performed thermography;

• Estimate materials used in the construction of the house, and construction of the facility;

• Processing of the received data, their synthesis, and formation of conclusions;

• Development of energy-saving measures can enhance energy efficiency of the investigated houses;

• Build thatched in energy audit. The document included a separate conclusion in the preceding paragraphs and the amount of savings, which involves the auditor.

Heat power engineering examination is the first step in the way of warming your home, so the company Baltech offers services in carrying out the energy auditing of residential buildings. The operation will honor the Division of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016).