BALTECH GmbH - Energy audit courses, measurement equipment

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BALTECH GmbH - Energy audit courses, measurement equipment

Properly conducted energy audit will provide the enterprise energy security. Therefore, the energy survey is to do a specially-trained and prepared specialists who have received a diploma or have passed special courses.

They need to constantly upgrade professional skills, improve skills and gain new knowledge. Energy auditors are trained in the direction of the energy performance assessment, they are introduced to the peculiarities of work of entire enterprise and its divisions in the service of energy.

Professional training on energy audit

Training on energy audit and retraining of personnel working in the field of energy security is conducted in various disciplines:

• Check energy opportunities;

• Rationing of energy consumption;

• Methods of increase of efficiency of functioning of the studied enterprises;

• Development of passports of production control and its drafting;

• Wrap mix, etc directions.

To companies whose activity is connected with high power consumption, it is necessary to have a staff of energy auditors and continuously improve their skills. The cost of their training in thermography, energy auditing and software development will be compensated by lower energy costs.


Professional development involved training organizations training:

• Areas of energy survey of industrial enterprises, buildings, constructions, buildings;

• Planning studies and their implementation in the energy sector to improve efficiency of energy saving.

If the company wants to train his employee, but his absence will affect the work of the enterprise, the best option is distance learning. By signing a contract with a company offering such services, you can reduce the costs associated with the stay of the employee on training (correspondence, stationary).

Remote model training allows professionals to listen to lectures at home. They get access to the electronic office, courses of lectures and digital library with necessary literature. With distance learning there is no problem with access to:

• Video conferencing;

• Methodical instructions;

• The educational material.

All the necessary information for education audit of energy companies has in the electronic database.

But there are also standard training on energy audit, with a separation from work when the listener is directly in contact with the teacher. What type of training to choose, you decide.

Training center of excellence and training BALTECH conducts training on energy audit and thermography. Students learn about:

• The regulatory framework and methodology of the audit;

• Methods of calculation of energy loss standards;

• Rationing the consumption of energy resources;

• Common approaches to the development of energy efficiency programs, energy performance and recommendations for energy saving measures;

• Economic issues of energy audit;

• Energy-saving technologies, taking into account peculiarities of the industry;

• Planning energy survey in different areas;

• Informational and instrumental support of activities to improve energy efficiency, etc.