BALTECH GmbH - Professional development of power engineers

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BALTECH GmbH - Professional development of power engineers

The main purpose of the Federal law 261 – energy efficiency and stimulate energy savings. Therefore, this law regulates the requirements for:

• Maintenance of buildings;

• Turnover goods;

• Housing stock;

• Operation of metering equipment for settlement of energy resources;

• The economy of municipal formations and subjects of the Russian Federation as a whole

Who needs training?

Certificates of energy auditors requires the following technical staff:

• CH. the energy of the enterprise and his Deputy;

• Professionals who are responsible for the growth of energy conservation and energy efficiency;

• Employees, developing during auditing, energy management system and implementing it;

• Operations of the technical facilities and management personnel.

Will not prevent and training of electricians. Training of engineers is possible in two ways. The first – without interrupting production. You can go through online courses for the energy management. The second – from-the-job training and special courses.

The aim of the courses on energy audit

For updating of knowledge, specialists of companies and organizations engaged in the issues of ensuring energy supply needs for 5 years, at least, time to attend short courses in specialized training centers.

Because the state, according to the state program "energy Saving and energy development", after a certain point in time can change the requirements for the energy audit and its criteria of implementation. Some programmes for professional development are changing, others temporarily repealed, and still others completely eliminated.

The participants on energy audit gain knowledge in the areas of:

• Energy saving;

• Increasing energyeffectiveness;

• Methods of investigation;

• Obtaining energy performance.


The specialistes are trained to develop energy efficiency programs and implement them, are familiar with the requirements of ISO 50001-energy management and other nuances of the energy audit.


The company Baltech offers its own Educational centre of excellence and training for training in thermography and energy audit:

• Leaders/experts in energy and utilities;

• Staff housing;

• Representatives of the authorities (municipal, regional), carrying out the development programs of energy efficiency.

 The students will learn about:

• The regulatory framework and methodology of the audit;

• Methods of calculation of energy loss standards;

• Rationing the consumption of energy resources;

• Common approaches to the development of energy efficiency programs, energy performance and recommendations for energy saving measures;

• Economic issues of energy audit;

• Energy-saving technologies, taking into account peculiarities of the industry;

• Planning energy survey in different areas;

• Informational and instrumental support of activities to improve energy efficiency, etc.