BALTECH GmbH - Services of energy audit, infrared cameras

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BALTECH GmbH - Services of energy audit, infrared cameras

To reduce energy consumption, it is necessary to identify the company's hidden reserves of energy resources. This requires a comprehensive audit of the company. Conducted comprehensive energy audit will reduce costs and bring the power of the organization at a more optimal level, which gives future economic benefits.

However, a comprehensive energy audit is a complex undertaking. It requires special equipment and the participation of well-trained technicians. List of works on energy audit may be different. It depends on:

• Features the customer's enterprise.

• The quality of energy systems;

• The nature of energy consumers;

• Transporting equipment.

An energy audit of the enterprises will allow to detect the reasons of losses of energy resources, their quantity, and to develop the least quick solutions identified during the examination of the problem. Therefore, a professional energy audit is the most accurate and reliable source of information about the system of energy supply of the enterprises of any level.

The result of the energy survey, the customer receives:

• Reliable information on the volume of used energy resources;

• Real energy efficiency and ways of its increase;

• A thorough analysis of the energy potential of the organization;

• Preparation of necessary documentation;

• Energy performance certificates.

An energy audit is usually carried out in the heating period, to cost-effectively accurately diagnose the problem areas of the enterprise, to take measures for elimination (reduction) of the causes of leaks and reduce energy costs.

The company Baltech offers services for conducting energy audits, and service on thermography and thermal imaging survey. It holds the office of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got a certificate to July 2016)

If your company requires of an energy survey, please contact us. We have experienced staff and a modern special equipment, allowing to conduct an audit of any complexity.

Our staff:

• Choose the direction that requires the minimal cost;

• Identify bottlenecks and errors designers/engineers/builders;

• Work at the customer site a minimum of time without disturbing installed on it working fine.

After identifying the problem, the company Baltech gives recommendations:

• Extending the operational life of the facilities;

• Reduce the costs of electricity, water and heating;

• Providing a comfortable environment to work.

The final result of the energy audit from Baltech – issuance of energy passports with the registration in the Ministry of energy and SROs.