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measurement devices, infrared cameras, BALTECH GmbH Germany

Energy audit of organizations involves the assessment of activity of the enterprise. Aspects of the operation of the facility due to the cost:

• Some energy;

• The water;

• Energy of different types;

• Fuel.


Main tasks energy survey:

• Calculation of energy efficiency;

• Identification of defects in the power supply system;

• To propose measures to eliminate existing shortcomings in the supply system.


Practice shows that the power consumption can be reduced by 10-15% (minimum), if the company auditor is properly performing energy audits.

Features energy audit

Energy audit of enterprises was divided in two phases of the survey.

At the first level of energy survey:

• Assessment of energy saving potential of the organization;

• Identify costs for different types of energy;

• Over time the analysis of the dynamics of energiehotel;

• Searches production sites to the irrational use of energy resources;

• Specifies measures for the implementation of programs of energy saving.

On the second level of energy audit:

• Developed the program used for energy conservation;

• Evaluated the effectiveness of the developed programmes;

• Based on information obtained in the survey compiled by the energy passport of the organization.

The main objectives of energy audit

Energy audit of the company allows to solve many problems connected with increase of efficiency of its functioning. Key objectives of the energy audit is:

• Obtaining information to detect sources of inefficient use of liquid fuel, water, electricity and other energy resources;

• Estimation of specific power consumption;

• Analysis of integrated energy efficiency organization, and an assessment of the functioning of its parts. The focus objects with extremely high losses of electricity;

• Development of the actions, which purpose - increase of energy saving.

Energy audit of buildings and constructions

The procedure allows to evaluate the efficiency of use of energy in private homes. When energy audit of buildings is often carried out a thermal imaging survey, allowing to reduce the cost of heat provision of facilities. Properly conducted energy audit to find problem areas in the supply of a residential house.

Energy audit of buildings includes:

• To identify the actual state of energy consumption in a private home;

• To clarify the optimal level of energy consumption;

• Identify the causes that can lead to excessive consumption of energy resources;

• Assess the level of energy losses;

• To develop projects that can improve the energy efficiency of private buildings.

The company Baltech offers all businesses and individuals that require energy audits of facilities, their services. The energy inspection is done, our office of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016).