Requirements for energy audit – BALTECH GmbH, infrared cameras

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Requirements for energy audit – BALTECH GmbH, infrared cameras

For the energy audit allowed the company certified. The work is complex and demanding. Therefore, it is permitted qualified personnel and certification includes:

• Multiple accreditations;

• Different check;

• Licensing processes;

• The approval of the license.

Requirements for energy audits involve checking and auditing organizations themselves. FZ-261 they must be regular and conducted third-party specialized organizations. If the violation of the conditions of carrying out audits and possible penalties.

Numerous measures has to ensure the highest quality of services. To meet the high state standards, the auditor should possess advanced equipment and have highly skilled performers. And the costs for training of specialists and the cost of innovation units large. Plus the high responsibility standards for the audit. Hence, the high cost of an energy survey.

Responsibility of the auditor and the company auditor

Company that performs an energy audit, according to the law responsible for their employees. On the basis of severity of errors, the auditor may apply different penalties. "The highest measure" - the prohibition to work in the field of energy inspection and revocation of license. But if the defects are particularly serious, the license can take away from the entire company.


Therefore, control over the activities of energy auditors serious and therefore the main requirement – qualification. The energy auditor must have:

• Higher technical education;

• Additional training;

• Practical experience in enterprises of a corresponding profile;

• Knowledge of the specifics of the samples and measurement equipment;

• Experience of engineering work, and related skills;

• Universal quality. The expert must be attentive, responsible, communicative and have a broad Outlook.

The described characteristics must match at least 4-5 members of the company auditor. In addition, the audit organization must be:

• A structured program that helps employees to improve their skills;

• Experienced lawyers who are able to develop a legal framework;

• Economists calculate the value of (forecast, actual) services.

Another law of energy audit – openness. This is a mandatory requirement to the company's auditor. Documents reflecting the activities of the company are published in the relevant sources.

Under the direction of the company Baltech offers a full range of services. Our Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016) and is equipped with modern measuring instruments ensures the high quality of energy audits, operational efficiency and full reporting on completed transactions!


Using our expertise, your company will increase energy efficiency and reduce costs.