The goals and objectives of energy audit – BALTECH

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The goals and objectives of energy audit – BALTECH

Let us briefly consider the objectives of energy audit and its objectives.

The purpose of the energy audit

The goal of the thermal imaging survey companies is:

• Determination of efficiency of use of energy (thermal, electric);

• Assessment of the potential of the investigated enterprise;

• Developing programs that allow efficient use of energy.

Energy, giving the possibility to limit the needs of enterprises in the fuel and energy resources and implementing the idea of energy conservation consists of the following methodological steps:

• Initial review of data (technical, documentary and statistical) by energodiagnostika the investigated enterprise;

• Examination (Metrology, thermal) consumers energy (thermal, electric);

• Balance studies (thermal, energetic) of the company;

• Data processing and analysis energy-related activities of the enterprise;

• Evaluation of the energy efficiency of the industrial equipment, heating and ventilation systems, thermal generating plants, electricity supply, steam supply, hot and cold water, use of secondary energy resources;

• Develop recommendations for energy conservation, excluding fuel, of energy (electrical, thermal), water;

• Report preparation, followed by preparation of energy passport.

Each listed methodological stage of the survey also has stages.

Energy performance certificates will allow you to set the basic requirements for consumption of energy resources (energy resource) to reveal his real balance of consumption to evaluate the energy performance and forming operations which will give the opportunity to improve energy saving performance.

The objective of the energy audit

Objectives of energy audits are:

• Finding the sources of irrational energy consumption and unreasonable energy losses;

• Development of recommendations on their elimination, created on the basis of the feasibility analysis;

• Offer programs that allow you to save energy and efficiently use energy.

Compulsory examination in 5 years (at least once) subject of enterprise:

• Consumption in excess of 6,000 tonnes.t.;

• Financed from the State budget;

• Have subsidies for energy resources from the state Budget.

Data MEI and suggest that, on average, to generate 1 kW×h of electricity is required 351, MT.t.

The Baltech company understands the goals and objectives of the energy audit. We have a huge experience in this field and we have a Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016).


If your enterprise will require energy audits, feel free to contact us.