The temperature control system, BALTECH GmbH Germany

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The temperature control system, BALTECH GmbH Germany

The purpose of this system - temperature control at different sites. The objects may be simple refrigerators in small shops and large manufacturing sector. Qualitatively installed the temperature control system will allow you to quickly learn in a graphic/numbers and current performance, and temperature for a specified time period.


The field of application of the system

Food production


Such production cannot be imagined without refrigerating. The temperature control system will give the opportunity around the clock to carry out temperature control at the inlet to the dry cooler and its output. This will allow to obtain data about the performance of each of the unit cooler. If the refrigerating chamber to be used unqualified, the system will feel it and will know about it. Time having received the signal, it is possible to change the working mode of the cameras and significantly reduce energy costs.

Greenhouses, greenhouses, flower farms

Temperature control will be useful in these farms. Timely informing the staff about temperature problems, the system will allow to avoid destruction of plants when farming. The appearance of flowers and plants will not rot if their cultivation will be conducted in the desired temperature range.


Any warehouse, equipped with devices (cooling, heating), require periodic diagnostics of the temperature regime special tools. Installed in the warehouse, the temperature control system, constantly watching the temperature condition of storage facilities, able to respond quickly to failures in cooling/heating and to prevent loss of product.


What devices can establish a system of control?

The most popular device for temperature control – a thermal imager. The temperature distribution is displayed on the monitor as color field. Each color corresponds to a certain temperature. Data can be written to the memory and to perform on the computer using special software.

Supervisory devices give IR image of the test object, and measuring devices are able to assign the digital signal of the pixels corresponding to their temperatures. In the end, the specialist sees on the screen is a heat map of the studied surface.

Thermal imagers quickly discover places of anomalous heating and identify potentially problematic areas of maintenance in different industries.

In this area are in demand and thermometers capable of measuring temperature bodies of contactless, at a distance. They are indispensable when it is impossible to apply a contact inspection methods: the object moves, heats up, is in a remote place, etc.

The company Baltech offers to measure the temperature of objects unique thermometers TL series, a simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia and Kazakhstan.

If your company requires temperature control system, please contact our Department of Technical Services (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016).