The temperature control devices, BALTECH Germany, measurement

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The temperature control devices, BALTECH Germany, measurement

Non-contact IR thermometers are the perfect assistants to the people in different spheres of their activities. With their help, professionals can monitor different processes. Take, for example, temperature control of exhaust gases from the furnaces.


Supervision of this operation can be carried out in other ways:

1. Acoustic control;

2. Thermocouple;

3. Calculations using the information of indirect control.


However, the installation of the speaker system is expensive, and its accuracy will adversely affect the noise casualdating apparatus.


The thermocouple is not always able to provide accurate measurements. Due to poor penetration into termobarocamerr with a length of 0.6 - 1 m. Therefore, temperature measurements are not carried out in a furnace (boiler boilerroom), and in areas along its walls. Therefore, to talk about the objective testing results is not necessary.


The second reason is the formation of layers of ash with soot in thermoprocessing furnaces with coal heating. It will serve as a heat insulator of the pipe termoparnaya that will reduce the temperature of the inner part of the furnace is much lower than the real data. The result will not be able to precisely control the likelihood of burning the refractory bolinaga of the boiler.


The third option used to calculate the temperature at the end point of the exit gas from the furnace and economizer/steam (water) in the pipes. But in such calculations, there is a large margin of error.


Therefore, the optimal temperature control devices is the pyrometers. They are able to more effectively maintain the temperature of the exhaust gas below the ash and to determine the need to include apparatus for soot blowing.

Advantages non-contact IR thermometer


Infrared pyrometers allow:

• Provide a separate measurement of two temperatures: pipes and gas in the furnace;

• Perform temperature measurements of carbon dioxide, which is part of the flame. Therefore, using the pyrometers can measure the temperature and gas, and flame;

• Professionals to get the real information about the temperature of the gas/flame, reduce the maintenance cycle of the furnace;

• To carry out installation during operation of the furnace without stopping bolinaga of the boiler;

• To set the device for a furnace door that can be opened at any time. Therefore, twenty-four hour visual inspection.




Infrared pyrometers are recommended for control:

• Operation of incinerators;

• Operation of furnaces fluidized bed;

• Harmful effects on the environment;

• Control apparatus for blowing soot;

• High temperatures;

• The degree of melting of the ash;

• For centering the combustion zones;

• The temperature of the furnace gas;


Also, devices can start measuring when reaching the equipment a certain temperature.


The company Baltech offers a unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL-0208C, BALTECH TL-0212C, BALTECH TL-0215C, and conducts training courses on thermography in the Training centre of excellence and training.