Device temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany, infrared cameras

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Device temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany, infrared cameras

Temperature control is an important stage of the energy audit. For this operation the necessary measuring instruments. The trend is now crowding out of the contact devices by means of contactless temperature measurement. Imagers with pyrometers gradually take the place of contact thermometers, sensors, thermocouples, etc.


Thermal control

It is based on measuring the temperature of the investigated object and its analysis. Thermal control is required in the presence of the diagnosed object heat flow. The temperature of the object will change relative to the same parameter of the environment by:


• The transfer of thermal energy;

• Its allocation;

• The absorption of heat.


The main parameter thermal method is the temperature distribution across the surface of the object. This distribution allows technicians to have information of/about:

• Process heat transfer;

• The mode of operation of the facility;

• The internal structure of the object of observation;

• Hidden internal faults.


Objects thermal control can be:

• Wall of the building, separating the warm room from the cold;

• Functioning electric motor;

• Under load the contact connections;


This can be attributed to objects with transient thermal processes:

• Control of the roof of the house;

• Diagnostics cell avioanele;

• Detection of areas of plaster delamination, etc.


Imager – main unit control temperature heat control method. This IR tool, to visualize the thermal field, and allowing measurements of the temperature of the object at a distance.

Therefore, the device is widely used in:

• Medicine;

• Navigation;

• Military equipment;

• Security systems;

• Ecology;

• Fire and building


This device temperature control allows you to perform thermal diagnostics for the detection of hidden faults, leading to teplotechna. Defining their parameters, it is possible to assess the conformity of the controlled objects to requirements of technical documentation.


The second most popular contactless device for temperature control is a pyrometer, because functionally it is inferior to the imager. The pyrometer makes a measurement slower (especially if the object is large) can not save data is not able to perform the measurements at a great distance (the radius of a few tens of meters) and shows on the display only numbers. But for certain tasks the capabilities of the pyrometer may be enough.


Therefore, choosing a temperature monitoring unit, first determine the range of tasks. Do not overpay for the imager if the problem can be solved by the pyrometer.

The company Baltech offers:

• Simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan;

• Unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL;

• Courses in thermography in our Training center training and training.