Automatic temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany

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Automatic temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany

In any industry, if the temperature is a key parameter for defect detection, it is recommended to use infrared diagnosis. The main instrument in this sector is the imager, and the dangerous and explosive objects, this device generally is indispensable. Allowing experts to accurately calculate the temperature of the entire surface of the object, the imager is easy to cope with:

• Detection of wear of the mechanical elements;

• Detection of plaque in tanks/pipelines;

• Diagnostics of electrical equipment;

• Definition of destruction of thermal insulation and other tasks.

The use of thermal imaging cameras has many advantages over standard diagnostic tools. As an effective means to enhance occupational safety, the device often becomes the only option when solving specific problems.


The specificity of technological processes in mining and processing plants involves risks. The automatic temperature control is of paramount importance. Detection of increased temperature of the important elements of the equipment, it is time to take preventive measures to prevent accidents.


Portable thermal imagers allow you to create thermal complexes, conducting round the clock monitoring of the equipment, exclude the human factor. Innovative imaging features, and provide an opportunity at an early stage to prevent hardware failures, minimizing the risk of accidents. With the help of thermal imager it is possible to conduct the automatic temperature control and quickly identify abnormal areas around his field of vision.


The benefits of using thermal imagers are obvious:

• The possibility of carrying out measurements at a distance;

• No need to bring wires to the object;

• Lack of direct contact with hot surfaces;

• Analyzed areas with high temperature;

• Simultaneous control of multiple units, etc.

Compared to standard devices, thermal imaging camera capable of measuring temperature in the presence of steam, the presence of rain/fog, and to determine the presence of the flame measurements in the combustion zone.

Some processes must occur only in designated ranges and in case of deviations from the norm should include an emergency warning signal. If necessary, exhibited the desired number of monitored zones and the measured points operating in different modes.

Example – control of openings of the loading/discharging of liquefied gas. If there is a gas leak, the equipment surface will decrease the temperature, and the appearance of extremely hot surfaces can lead to accidents. Therefore, in such important areas automatic temperature control. Some types of imagers can independently handle the specified number of events and are equipped with alarm output so you can connect the device signal alerts.

The company Baltech offers a simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia and Kazakhstan. We also held training courses on thermography in the Training centre of excellence and training professionals, where the audience clearly shows the technique of measurement of temperature and various nuances of the operation.