Remote temperature control, BALTECH devices, Germany

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Remote temperature control, BALTECH devices, Germany

For objects may require remote temperature control. If they are located in remote places or have a high surface temperature, contact methods would be useless. You will need thermometers, devices that allow to determine the temperature of different subjects/objects, ensuring staff safety.


In addition, there are such industries as oil refining or steel, when contact temperature measurements will slow the process or will require a stop that is not possible (the company will suffer serious losses).


Remote temperature monitoring is prevalent in the housing sector. Their implementation allows to reduce the risk of injuries during production (no need to come close to high temperature objects) and to increase productivity.


Of course, mobile devices are less accurate than stationary pyrometers. However, portable devices are characterized by compact dimensions (fit into a pocket, not to mention the bag) and ease of use. Hence the broad scope of application.



Most remote temperature control demanded in:

• The electric power industry. Low temperature devices are used for the diagnosis of contact connections and assess the condition of insulators, radiators, transformers and power lines. Compact device allows you to quickly identify the plot overload wiring and to localize it;

• Power. Thermometers are indispensable for diagnostics of the quality of thermal insulation of buildings. They are also used for temperature control of heating, detecting the place of breakage, ate burst, for example, a pipe with hot water;

• Construction. Here device help builders/maintenance teams to identify homes and buildings for industrial purposes the heat loss. Pyrometers provide an opportunity to identify and gaps in the insulation to the shell wall;

• Metallurgy/mechanical engineering. In this area is performed remote monitoring of temperature, forging, editing, forming and other metallurgical processes;

• Science. In a laboratory study contact methods of temperature measurements are sometimes able to violate the purity of the experiment (may damage a fragile object or measure to prevent significant heat loss), so there is no pyrometers can not do. Mobile pyrometers are in the service and the astronauts that use the device when conducting research.

• The home. Mobile appliances can be used to measure the temperature of the body, in cooking, etc.

Thermometers can be used in smaller areas. For example, they are in demand on rail transport to monitor critical components of cars.

The company Baltech offers to measure the temperature of objects unique pyrometers BALTECH TL.


Considering that the heating equipment depends on the lubricant, we invite technical experts in our Training center (license No. 1872 received 06.05.2016 g) to take courses TOR-105 "fundamentals of the theory of lubrication of machines. Tribodiagnostics. Method of analysis of the oil under operating conditions".

If you require remote temperature control of industrial machinery, our Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016), will perform the necessary operations using the above pyrometers.