Thermometer temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany

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Thermometer temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany

Measurement among the diagnostic tools, you can mark the thermometer temperature control. The devices can be varied:

• Liquid;

• Thermoelectric;

• Resistance;

• Guage.


But all of these devices are contact devices. If you need the driving temperature diagnostics, much heating or located in a remote place of the object, these thermometers temperature control will be powerless.


Therefore, becoming more and more popular contactless gauges of temperature, in particular thermometers.


Their action is based on the reception intensity of the thermal radiation of hot bodies. Standard device:

• Lens focusing the radiation on the detector;

• Light filters;

• The electronic unit, processing the incoming signals.


The types of pyrometers

Devices can be:

• Brightness;

• Color;

• Radiation.

For the luminance model is intended for measuring the spectral brightness of the object at a specific wave length. It is compared with the brightness of a blackbody (black body)., function which performs a spiral sparlampe filament. Brightness pyrometers are indispensable when high (over 600 °C) temperatures when the objects emit in the visible region. Sufficient radiation intensity allows to fix it in a narrow spectral range visually and with the aid of photodetectors.

Color pyrometers measure the radiation intensity of the object observed in 2 spectral regions. Their ratio is then compared with the corresponding relation for a blackbody.

Radiation pyrometers are often used for measuring temperatures of the heating bodies is weak, because the instruments operate in a wide spectral range.

To determine the temperature distribution on the surface of the object along specified scan lines, the use of radiation pyrometers with thermoprofiles (optical-mechanical system of linear scan).


Thermal profiles have:

• Speed - 25 lines/s;

• Sensitivity (at +20 °C) 0.1 °C;

• Spatial resolution (field of view up to 80°) - 10'.

Thermoprofiles are designed to control the production process of extended moving objects. The combination of thermoprofiles a computer to automatically control the temperature. Use thermometers flexible light guides makes it possible to control the ignition of the air-fuel mixture in internal combustion engines.

To control the temperature of objects located in inaccessible cavities are used pyrometers in combination with fibre-optic light guides.


The materials used

The lenses are made of materials transparent in the given spectral region. For measuring temperatures in the range 400 - 900ºС use quartz, and from 900 glass. The lens made of lithium fluoride/barium, capable of detecting temperature in the range of 20 to 500 ºC. The results of radiation thermometer is significantly affected by the surface condition of the object, since it is related to its radiation capability.

The company Baltech offers a unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL-0208C, BALTECH TL-0212C, BALTECH TL-0215C and conducts training courses on thermography in the Training centre of excellence and training.