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Remote temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany/ Lübeck

In the field of technical diagnostics of the most developing area is remote temperature control that do not require contact with the object. Noncontact/infrared temperature control used in the diagnosis of:

• Buildings for thermal leaks;

• Electrical equipment to control the operation of contact pairs;

• Electromechanical equipment for the supervision of the friction elements;

• Thermal/heat transfer equipment to control isolation, etc.

Remote temperature control of objects is called an energy audit, and has many directions.

In construction for fuel economy should reduce heat loss and reduce teplopostupleniya through the building envelope structures. In the energy loss they make up almost 30%.


Why you need a remote temperature control?

Therefore, carried out energy audits of buildings to determine quality of construction. Data accuracy, data visibility and efficiency of obtaining make remote temperature control of buildings the main method of diagnosis of walling. It can be done after finishing the construction works and the operational period.

Perform contactless temperature control, it's easy:

• Identify heat loss (partial, total);

• Detect hidden defects of construction;

• To evaluate the resistance of enclosing structures of thermal transfer.


Diagnosis of buildings gives you the opportunity to find a breach of the thermal protection of enclosing structures, which have arisen as a result of:

• Incorrect design;

• Lack of technology in the production of construction materials;

• Violations of rules of storage and transportation;

• Errors in the construction of buildings;

• Wrong operating mode.

A small example

In the winter of 2015, residents of multi-storey building in Ramensky, complained in ZHEU 10 in the cold in the apartments. Specialist, "armed with" mobile pyrometer for half an hour (!) toured the apartments on the upper floors and non-contact measured the temperature on the surface:

• Radiators;

• Struts;

• Walls in contact with the street.

After reviewing the information, experts perinaldo thermal equipment at home, and invited industrial climbers freezing the insulated joints between the panels.

So a portable device has increased the speed of the specialist housing and its effectiveness!

Contactless temperature control cannot be achieved without the availability of similar devices, pyrometers and thermal imagers.

Therefore, the company BALTECH offers a unique pyrometers (non-contact thermometers) BALTECH TL and inexpensive infrared cameras BALTECH TR (thermal imaging camera) for performing temperature control in a wide range.


Our company also conducts educational seminars, explaining to listeners how to:

• Properly perform temperature control of the object;

• Easier to operate the device and configure it;

• Choose the method of work.

You can attend training courses in thermography and/or TOR 105 "fundamentals of the theory of lubrication of machines. Tribodiagnostics. Method of analysis of the oil under operating conditions".

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