Heating and Themperatur control , BALTECH GmbH Germany

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Heating and Themperatur control , BALTECH GmbH Germany

If the company wants to produce high-quality concrete construction, strictly observe the production technology and pay due attention to the observance of a temperature mode of the processes.


Heating of concrete

Concrete structures must be warmed as soon as their temperature decreases to a positive patyrusiu temperature. This allows the product to quickly gain strength. This operation is performed by a high-tech thermoelectric Mat that does not require the purchase of other devices of the power supply, and to prepare - a lot of time.

Thanks termometal concrete hardens in between 10-20 hours. There are IR rays, termomaty, catalytically acting on the concrete structure that warm up the design on the bottom. Therefore, at this stage it is important to continuously measure concrete temperature.

First termomaty used only small companies, but increased interest has attracted the attention of major manufacturers of reinforced concrete. Everyone understood that termomaty –a great alternative to a few.

Termomaty created on the basis of the films that emit heat, are installed in a PVC jacket. This heater 12 mm thickness, equipped with two layers of heat-insulating and heat-reflecting. Manufactured in different configuration and of any size. Its heat is directed in one direction uniformly distributed over the entire surface.


Control of heating of concrete

Termomaty are used to heat the concrete, but the control scheme of the temperature implies the presence of a portable pyrometer. With it is necessary to periodically perform the measurements at different points, to continuously monitor the thermal state of the concrete. Manual camera is good because it gives the ability to capture data at a distance, not approaching the surface of the measured object.

The working principle of the pyrometer and its advantages


Diagram of temperature control of concrete the pyrometer is simple:

1. The measuring device detects the radiation emitted from the product;

2. Using the obtained signal is analyzed;

3. Temperature information is issued to the display device.


The advantages of the electronic thermometer the following:

• Compactness. The device easily fits in an ordinary bag, so to transport it;

• Versatility. The device is used for any process requiring temperature measurements and not only for the control of heating of concrete;

• It is possible to carry out temperature measurements in places that are located in inaccessible places or high above the ground.

Diagram of temperature control of concrete involves additional control using infrared Windows (IR glass). Even if you have anemometers/thermometers humidity control in the drying chambers, infrared glasses will help to measure the temperature of the concrete in the heat chamber and to compare it with current readings.

The company Baltech offers a unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL-0208C, BALTECH TL-0212C, BALTECH TL-0215C and the IR window BALTECH TR-55W, BALTECH TR-75W, BALTECH TR-95W, allowing the user to thermography in a closed equipment under voltage. And our "Training center qualification and training offers training courses in thermography.