The method of temperature control mechanisms, BALTECH

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The method of temperature control mechanisms, BALTECH

Methods of diagnosis mechanisms a lot, but special attention is paid to thermal. Because up to 95% of all energy created by the machines, and then turn into heat energy. The parameter diagnostics of the energy is the temperature. It is reflecting the process of operation of the equipment, allows to judge about the appearance of a number of defects.

Two groups


The method of temperature control is divided into two groups: contact and contactless.

The first group includes:

• Thermometers: liquid filled gauge, bimetal, dilatometric;

• Sensors: thermoelectric, thermo-resistant;

• Thermoindicators: LCD melting. The second type of thermoindicators is divided into 2 types: termovalle and fuse the coatings produced in the form of termokeramika produced in the form of termoplastov/heat-sealing.


The second group includes:

• Thermometers;

• Imagers.

The pyrometers are equipped with a lens, photodetector, filters, signal-processing block. Devices are divided into:

1. Brightness. They perform measurements of the spectral brightness of the investigated object at a particular wavelength, compare with the brightness of a blackbody (a blackbody). The function performs a blackbody spiral sparlampe filament;

2. Color. Devices carry out measurements of the radiation intensity of the specimen in two narrow spectral regions. Then their ratio is compared with the corresponding relation for a blackbody;

3. Radiation. The device, functioning in a wide range, perform temperature measurement laboraroty (-100...+100 °C) pH Optics of such thermometers are made from materials transparent in the IR region of the spectrum.

Thermal imagers designed for the visualization of the picture of hot bodies. Then

the methods of scanning pyrometry is evaluated temperatures at specific points on the body surface.


Temperature control methods provide an opportunity to:

1. In the local points is absolute value;

2. Inlet/outlet - temperature difference between the oil/liquid;

3. When running - the intensity of the temperature rise;

4. The color of the tint.

First the parameters are determined without stopping the mechanism, but requires stopping the machine.

The main reasons leading to the increase in temperature


Faults can be grouped by defect:

1. Lubrication systems. This may be incorrectly selected material of lubrication, contaminated lubrication, or excessive/insufficient quantity of lubricant;

2. Of rolling bearings. This includes turning the product on the shaft/in the housing, the destruction of the separator, wear rings, damage of the rolling elements;

3. Production and Assembly. Maybe a pinched outwardly of the bearing rings, malfunction of body parts, a small radial clearance or lack of clearance of the axes;

4. Adjustment. Cause – incorrect alignment of motor with driven imbalance shaft/bearing, a very stiff bearing;

5. Sealing devices;

6. Lubrication system/cooling. The possible insufficient supply of water for cooling or her (or oil) high temperature.


The company Baltech offers:

• Simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan;

• Unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL;

• Courses TOR-105 "fundamentals of the theory of lubrication of machines. Tribodiagnostics. Method of analysis of the oil under operating conditions". Classes are held in the Training center of BALTECH. License No. 1872 received 06.05.2016 G.