Temperature control of the engine, BALTECH GmbH Germany

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Temperature control of the engine, BALTECH GmbH Germany

Any business wishes for as long as possible to exploit the acquired motors. However, excessive heating becomes a cause of premature failure of the equipment. The degree of heat operating unit is affected by:


• The conditions of its functioning;

• Mode of operation;

• Load.


On the operational life of the production machinery is also affected by fluctuations in the mains supply and technological overload. Therefore, the required temperature control of the engine. This can easily be accomplished with pyrometers.

Single-channel device

When fine-tuning the engines in engine often use a simple single-channel pyrometer. On a running powerplant, it successfully measures the temperature of the turbine working blades.


Periscope or direct probe of the measuring device is placed inside the motor housing. When the turbine rotor begins to rotate, the single device gives a temperature distribution on working the blade along the line of sight of the pyrometer.

The performance of the probe is simple, but it has quite a complex design. The probe is required

cooling by air. Prevents damage to the fiber and the malfunction of the optical elements. His optics need to constantly blow off the soot particles present in the working gas stream of the turbine.


An important detail of the temperature control system of the engine position sensor rotor of the turbine, helping to snap a picture of the temperature distribution to the impeller of the turbine. The disadvantage of single-channel thermometer – it eliminates the possibility of detection of temperature fields on surfaces of blades.

8-channel device


This shortage is deprived of the multi-channel optical pyrometer, giving the opportunity to do this without moving the probe.


8-channel pyrometer is equipped with:

• Optical probe with a similar system, forming a picture of the blade in the plane of focus;

• Line consisting of eight fibers. Their purpose is the transfer of radiation to the special block where there are 8 photoelectron amplifier and the same constant-temperature photodetectors–photodiodes.


The cable signals are converted and amplified, are transmitted to the control unit and power supply, and then the computer.

The sequence of operations

1. First, data is recorded. Their registration is performed by the radiation intensity of each channel for the n rotor speed;

2. For each channel minimizes the interference from soot particles;

3. The calibration dependences for the calculation of temperature;

4. Displays the temperature field.


The program information processing device includes:

• Customize the program;

• To control the source information for each channel of the pyrometer at the pace of the experiment;

• Monitor information after minimizing interference;

• Create a temperature field of blades.

To perform a precise temperature control of the engine, the company Baltech offers a unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL-0208C, BALTECH TL-0212C, BALTECH TL-0215C.