Electronic temperature control-heated body, BALTECH

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Electronic temperature control-heated body, BALTECH

Metal is often handled pressure. With such an operation it is important to strictly observe the temperature of its heating. Therefore, the electronic temperature control. E-because metal gets very hot and contact methods are impossible to perform such operation. You will need the appropriate contactless devices called pyrometers.

The types of pyrometers


Devices are divided into:

• Thermoelectric;

• Optical;

• Radiation;

• Photovoltaic.


Pyrometers can also adjust teploregion the functioning of the various heating devices.

Thermoelectric devices


The most common devices consist of a thermocouple and potentiometer/millivoltmeter. They have the option of fixing the temperature and record it at a certain distance from the controlled object.


The accuracy of the measurements is ± 5° (maximum). If you want electronic temperature control not to exceed 1100°C, are recommended models with chromel-alumaloy thermocouple, and in the range 1100 - 1500°C platinum-rhodium.


Optical devices

The rapid and periodic temperature control of the heated body in a production environment it is recommended to perform a pyrometer with disappearing filament. How it works – a comparison of the brightness of the filament lamp pouring, emitting hot body. The process is:

1. The rays of the scorching of the body, passing through the lens into the eyepiece, then in the eyes of the operator;

2. In the visual pipe is a filament lamp;

3. Its intensity is regulated by the filament rheostat included in the circuit of the battery;

4. The milliammeter records the change in the degree of incandescence of the lamp.


The temperature of the filament will be:

• Not visible (and disappears) on the background of the body, it will coincide with the same indicator of the incandescent body;

• Have a dark, if it is less than hot body.


As for accuracy, they depend on the experience of the technician and the presence/absence of dross on the surface of the subject. Optical pyrometer allows you to measure temperatures in the range of 700 - 1500°C.

Radiation device


Pyrometers (ergometry) equipped with a platinum plate thermocouple. It is housed in a telescope that lens device is sent incandescent material.


The thermometer lens focuses calaluce from the burning body at the junctions of the thermocouple. The resulting temperature is recorded by a millivoltmeter. Generally, thermometers of this type are used for electronic control of the temperature of the working space of furnaces.

Photovoltaic devices


The pyrometer measures/logs temperature with a photocell that compares/measures the light streams going from hot bodies and create illumination on the cathode.


High measurement accuracy and quick actions were the reasons for the wide application of the devices in induction, electric and other rapid heating processes.

The company Baltech offers a unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL-0208C, BALTECH TL-0212C, BALTECH TL-0215C.