Digital temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany/ Lübeck

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Digital temperature control, BALTECH GmbH Germany/ Lübeck

Digital temperature control is required practically everywhere.


It is necessary in/on:

• Warehouses in fish/dairy/meat products;

• Cold storage facilities;

• Server and industrial premises;

• Greenhouses and elevators;

• Boilers and laboratories;

• Chambers (refrigerators, freezers, climatic);

• Stores and logistics centers;

• Pharmaceutical industry;

• Poultry: in warehouses, poultry houses, incubators;

• Beekeeping: the inside of the hives and in the wintering areas;


Using the instruments can monitor the temperature:

• Air and water;

• Body of liquid;

• Melt and mix;

• Engine and oil;

• Environment and soil.

• Metal and solution.


One word digital temperature control is needed everywhere where you want automatic control of temperature range (-55) – (+125)°C.


Contactless device for temperature control

To perform this task uses a variety of devices. We recommend you to purchase thermometers and thermal imagers.



Thermometer, allows non-contact measure the surface temperature of bodies, are widely used in enterprises, where the temperature control of technological production is of great importance. Suffice it to mention the oil refining industry or steel industry.


Infrared pyrometers capable of measuring the intensity of infrared radiation from the surface of the object to determine its temperature and safe (a few tens of meters) distances.

This is the right decision if you want digital temperature control objects:            

• Remote;

• Threat;

• Harmful;

• Vibrating;

• Moving;

• Hot.


Specially calibrated device can control the temperature in the oversight of quality food products and in the diagnosis of building materials, etc.


Contactless devices can be equipped with means of data transfer and communication with a personal computer, a laptop or other specialized device.



Contactless opto-electronic device called a thermal imager, enables you to quickly identify abnormal heat, to detect defects of the protective structures and faults of the interior. The device creates an infrared image of the energy loss, thermal bridges and teplotechnik.


Imagers, realizing digital temperature control help:

• To reduce costs and prevent damage;

• To obtain high quality color image (thermography) of the test object;

• To carry out a comprehensive analysis of the obtained data;

• To survey large areas of the studied objects, even with a kilometer distance.

The company Baltech offers to measure the temperature of objects unique pyrometers BALTECH TL, simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia and Kazakhstan.

If you need a digital temperature control for industrial units, our Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016), will perform the necessary operations using the above pyrometers and thermal imagers.