Diagnostics of electrical equipment, BALTECH GmbH Germany

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Diagnostics of electrical equipment, BALTECH GmbH Germany

To determine the actual status of the production unit and finding defects in the work carried out diagnostics of electrical equipment. Is a set of methods designed to troubleshoot machines and to conduct control tests in a special laboratory.


Diagnostics of electrical equipment, performed by using modern instruments, allows to identify the actual condition of the car, not realizing her deep disassembly. Timely executed operation diagnostics will give the opportunity to control the reliability of electrical equipment, reduce operating and maintenance costs.


It is recommended to periodically run diagnostics of electrical units and to take timely measures to eliminate detected faults to avoid accidents or breakage of expensive equipment.

Peculiarities of diagnostics of electrical equipment


Control of electrical equipment implies a diagnosis:

• Cables. Performs measurements of insulation resistance, and inspected visually. Finding places breakages or damage, you will replace cable. This measure will prevent the possibility of the production of fire;

• Circuit breakers. Their purpose is the protection of cables against overloads, so the switches should be regularly inspected for serviceability and to carry out the test. Inspection of machines is carried out by measurement circuit "phase-zero";

• Transformers. To protect equipment from damage and the early identification of existing problems that require diagnosis of transformers. Equipment supplies current to the other areas of the energy system, so its testing is an important phase of the work. To carry out this work is required a specially trained employee equipped with special equipment.

Thermal imaging diagnostics of electrical equipment

A promising direction is the thermal imaging diagnostics of electrical machines. If you compare it with traditional testing, you can find a lot of advantages.

Thermal imaging diagnostics of electrical equipment gives the opportunity to:

• To perform the operation without stopping the machine.

• Quickly implement a huge amount of work;

• Troubleshoot Assembly at an early stage of occurrence;

• Inspect all types of substation equipment;

• To protect the staff performing the measurement;

• Do not advance to prepare the working place;

• Avoid labor intensive;

• To obtain accurate and reliable information.


The company Baltech holds the diagnostic of the electrical forces of the Department of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016).

High quality and accurate diagnostic results are guaranteed because the specialists of the Baltech:

• Equipped with modern infrared cameras BALTECH TR (certified in Russia and Kazakhstan) and unique pyrometers BALTECH TL;

• Carry out thermal control, measure vibration, partial discharges in operation and carry out other special types of diagnosis.

Using the services of the company Baltech, you will be able to:

• To save money on repairs

• Prevent a possible crash;

• To achieve stability of machines;

• Provide quality diagnostics at reasonable cost and on time.