Diagnosis of thermal equipment, BALTECH GmbH Germany

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Diagnosis of thermal equipment, BALTECH GmbH Germany

In production is often used in industrial thermal equipment. The main instruments of this category are:

• Thermal curtains;

• Heat gun;

• Heat generators;

• Fan coil units;

• Heaters, etc.


Heat and industrial equipment designed for space heating, but unlike consumer devices, they typically operate in hard modes. It is used for heating cold warehouses and garages, a huge hangar or large tent structures without thermal insulation, etc.


Therefore, a regular diagnosis of thermal equipment to identify defects aggregates at an early stage of occurrence, time to remove them and extend the operational life of the machine.


Hardware diagnostics recommended imaging method, which is based on a property of the imager. I.e. the ability of the contactless method to register the temperature distribution on the surface of examined objects. So it is possible to obtain data on heat losses from the surface of the diagnosed equipment, to give an opinion about the real state of the thermal units and to recommend ways to improve their energy efficiency in the future life.


Thermal imaging technique enables to control thermal losses of the equipment at all stages of production. Established that the level of heat discharge unit in the environment is directly related to the temperature recorded on the surface of the equipment. For example, if some section of the steam line break the insulation, there will be a local increase in temperature. Using a thermal imager, it's easy to fix and take to eliminate the problem.

Of devices we can recommend the use of a mobile handheld pyrometers. A portable device capable of 30-meter distance to measure the surface temperature of the diagnosed object with an accuracy of 0.1-1°C.

They are frequently used to search for leaks of the coolant and have proven themselves not only in the diagnosis of thermal equipment, but also in the implementation:

• Installation of heating and ventilation systems;

• Examination of building structures of buildings;

• Diagnostics of heat trails, etc.

Along with thermometers, you can use thermal imagers for industrial use.


The company Baltech guarantees to all enterprises of high-quality diagnostics of heating equipment, because:

• Thermal imaging test is conducted by the office of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016);

• In this paper we use a simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan, as well as a unique pyrometers BALTECH TL.