Diagnostics of buildings and constructions, BALTECH

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Diagnostics of buildings and constructions, BALTECH

The purpose of technical diagnostics of buildings and structures is:

• Protection of population, personnel and environment from harmful effects, permissible during operation;

• Security of use;

• Evaluation of the effectiveness of the operation of the facility in the future;

• Determining the degree of wear of the structures.


Diagnostics should be performed if:

• The construction parameters of the detected damage, detected faults or there are deviations;

• There was accidents, fires or natural disasters;

• Relevant Supervisory bodies have identified inconsistencies information insurance organizations.

The diagnosis stage

Diagnostics of buildings and constructions is performed by stages.



The purpose of the first phase – data collection. With this information, you can determine the real condition of the surveyed buildings and structures. Pre-inspection gives you the opportunity to determine the scope of work to carry out a full and detailed examination. At this stage:

• Performed General inspection;

• Studied information about the construction: date of operation and the maximum period of use;

• Identifies the actual parameters in the operation of the building: air temperature, humidity, production technology, availability of equipment.


A detailed examination

A detailed survey of buildings and structures is performed in the second stage of diagnostic work. On closer inspection:

• Carried out the measuring operation;

• Checks the condition of the roof, bearing walls, stairs and ceilings of buildings, the condition of the Foundation;

• Reveal design if need be.


Design work

On the third steps are carried out design work for all surveyed structures buildings. All the calculations should be based on validation data. When implementing the calculation works, consider the following:

• Load (calculated, actual);

• The characteristics of the soil;

• Corrosion wear;

• Presence of defects;

• Effect of temperature regimes and more.


Preparation of technical statement

Diagnostics of technical condition of buildings and structures finalizing the technical findings. Properly executed document must contain:

• Description of the structures;

• The results of the Foundation survey with detailed description of defects if they had taken place. This also applies to walls with a roof;

• Recommendations for further operation of the building;

• Plan to strengthen the whole structure or its separate elements;

• Forecast parameters of the design after redevelopment/ reconstruction;

• Photos depicting the significant defects can greatly affect the operation of the building in the future;

• Calculations, Platt, BTI, project work and other applications.

The company Baltech guarantees all construction and repair organizations to its services for the diagnosis of buildings and structures.


The operation will be done by our Department of Technical Services (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016).


In this paper we use a simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan, as well as a unique pyrometers BALTECH TL.