Thermography, BALTECH GmbH Germany / Lübeck - measurement devices

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Thermography, BALTECH GmbH Germany / Lübeck - measurement devices

Thermography (thermal imaging) allows to record the natural heat, so thermal imaging survey is an accurate method of diagnosis. This is the reason for the wide spread of thermography in different fields of human activity.


Let us briefly consider two areas of application.

Building thermography

Buildings and structures

Thermographic analysis in the field of construction allows you to quickly identify evidence of the design quality of a building or a manufacturing defect. Using the imager and viewing the resulting thermogram can detect weak spots in the walls/floors/ceilings, to establish the cause and take measures to eliminate them.

Metal is able to retain heat, so the device easily detects the location of the flues, electrical cables, pipes and support beams. Defects in masonry are manifested through drafts and heat leaks. Thermography clearly shows irregularities in the joints of precast structures. Thermal imaging method to detect and violations of insulation.


Energy loss through Windows

Defects in the glass and irregularities in installation the most common problems that lead to leakage of heat from the premises.

Depressurization of the glass is manifested in the form of increased noise and draughts with closed Windows, and improper installation (not filling with foam, or filling not technology) will lead to:

• Fogging of the window construction;

• The formation of mold;

• Drafts;

• Systematic frosting.

Thermographic cameras are able to diagnose both disorders.


Energy audit

To optimize energy costs, performed energy audits, analysis of energy efficiency of buildings. Major fails:

• To know the causes of heat loss;

• To estimate the magnitude of heat leaks;

• To take measures for their elimination or reduction.

If the installation was substandard and there are manufacturing defects thermogram is definitely going to illustrate. The imager also detects teplotechna through the ventilation system and water retention (it holds heat for a long time) inside structures.


Industrial thermography

Preventive diagnostics

The ability of thermal imagers to detect heat (abnormal heating indicates excessive load on the equipment) allows them at an early stage to identify defects of industrial machinery and reduce the cost of repairs. And contactless survey allows not to interrupt the operation of the equipment. This ensures the safety of operation of the units and their reliability.


The oil and gas industry

The imager may be at a distance to detect the temperature of the fluid and its level in the tank. This makes the measurement safe and improves the performance of the audit. In the oil and gas sector imagers help:

• To monitor the status of production lines, equipment and tank farm;

• Measure the temperature of pipes;

• Detect energy losses and leakages in the pipelines;

• To prevent fires, etc.

Thermography also allows you to identify problems in:

• Chemical industry;

• Electrical engineering;

• The energy sector;

• Microelectronics, etc.

Department of Technical Service (OTS) of the company Baltech accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (certificate obtained in July 2016) performs all services related to the receipt of thermography.