Thermal analysis equipment, BALTECH GmbH Germany/ Lübeck

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Thermal analysis equipment, BALTECH GmbH Germany/ Lübeck

Thermal analysis was carried out using the thermal imager, allows to reduce heat losses. Quickly showing the heat distribution on the object surface, the instrument helps the operator to accurately determine locations of leaks and take action to eliminate them.


At this point the thermal imaging survey is the most objective, reliable, clear and the best method for diagnosis of industrial equipment for leaks. It should also be noted that the control is performed in a contactless manner, which allows not to stop the work of industrial unit


The imager, analyzing the infrared radiation, invisible to our eyes, displays the end result on the temperature in the form of a color picture. The resulting image (thermogram) can accurately recognize the problem areas of equipment that facilitates the issuance of instructions on elimination of malfunctions.


Receiving a thermogram, it is necessary to perform. If an experienced specialist special problems is not there, the young employee can make mistakes, and recommendations for correcting defects will not lead to the desired result.


Therefore, the company Baltech offers the specialists who perform the thermal analysis a simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras TR series are certified in Russia and Kazakhstan. These devices are equipped with special software Baltech Expert. This software has a module that handles the thermogram and analyzing it.


Allowed the installation of the program on the local personal computer or installation on multiple computers to create at the enterprise of the local diagnostic service. The configuration of the program is free of charge, electronic keys are missing. Plus – annually AT the Expert also free updated.

Database software is large, and its formation is convenient. For example, to separate the "angles" of the investigated object the program allows to set different display options:

• Temperature (maximum, minimum);

• Change isotherm, palettes, distance shooting;

• Calculation of dew point;

• Emissivity material;

• Humidity parameters.

FOR Expert allows even the creation of the histogram of the temperature distribution on the thermogram.

If you need to examine a specific area of the images can be "cut":

• A straight line. You can create thermoprogrammed, i.e., to distribute the temperature of the investigated object in the given line;

• Rectangular shape;

• A circular area;

• A specific point. Allowed to create a trend temperature changes with the screening thresholds.

A report can be generated manually or automatically in the usual manner.

As you can see, to perform the analysis of thermograms using software BALTECH Expert is not going to be easy. To learn the preparation of thermal images and working with cameras in our Training center training and training, which conducts training courses in thermography.