The scope of thermal imagers, BALTECH GmbH Germany

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The scope of thermal imagers, BALTECH GmbH Germany

Under the thermal imaging camera means a device for contactless determining of the thermal radiation on the surface of the object (buildings, equipment, piping, etc.) and ensure its smooth operation. The devices have a range within 100m – 3 km, they are not afraid of interference and cannot be detected by tracking systems.


Therefore, the scope of application of thermal imagers is huge.

Military equipment

Modern military equipment is equipped with built-in thermal imaging cameras. This allows you to quickly discover the techniques of the enemy, his troops and carry out operations even in poor visibility. The imagers are often mounted on unmanned aircraft and installed on remotely controlled equipment.


For the military sector, the main indicator is the ability of thermal imagers to "see" objects at night. They can replace the night vision devices. The apparatus may take the form of scopes and binoculars. If equipped with the thermal imaging guidance systems and powerful optics, the device capabilities are magnified.

Imagers marine and hunting


Ports (sea, river) are complex and unsafe. To ensure their safety required the perfect instrument. The purpose of the Maritime thermal imaging cameras – the protection of coastal property:

• River stations;

• Warehouses;

• Berths;

• Ports.


For lovers of hunting, the imagers will be the perfect tool to track production. Regardless of visibility, weather and time of day hunters will be able to track down even gentle animals.



Devices in medicine provide an opportunity to recognize the nature of the disease and body temperature among healthy people to identify an infected person. Special medical imagers responsive to electromagnetic waves, is able to find the area of pathology and micron precision to detect the inflammatory process that allows physicians to make an accurate diagnosis.


Inspection of buildings

To identify areas of heat loss using thermal imaging sensors. With their help, surveying the building, we can prove to builders or construction companies poor quality insulation work.

To identify problem areas imagers need and employees in the utilities sector. Quickly finding fault, they can send forces to the insulation defects.




Electronic systems use cables, connectors, religion and other components and parts. If these elements of the system are faulty, they start to become very hot, which is easy identificeret imager.

Using microelectronics this device, you can:

• Quickly locate circuit;

• Finding the faulty Board;

• Detection of defects of the circuits;

• Assess the heating elements of the system under different loads;

• Identify points of high resistances.



Armed with thermal imagers, firefighters can navigate in areas with thick smoke or fire. Thanks to the device they will be able to quickly find a safe path, avoiding hot spots. Rescuers working in difficult conditions, will be able to detect people even in poor visibility.

The company Baltech offers:

• Simple and inexpensive thermal imaging cameras BALTECH TR series are certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan;

• Courses in thermography in our Training center training and training.