BALTECH VP-3460 - balancing and balancing of exhausters, the apparatus for balancing

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BALTECH VP-3460 - balancing and balancing of exhausters, the apparatus for balancing

Exhaust fans are used in many enterprises of the processing or extractive industries. This unit represents the impeller that creates a vacuum, thereby causing movement of exhaust gases in the desired direction. When you install a new fan, the impeller is balanced at the factory.

Which means that the wheel is balanced? Let's imagine rotating the wheel, if in a certain sector of a circle has a high mass, during the rotation under the action of centrifugal force, there are shock, vibration and load on the thrust bearing.

Where there is an imbalance in practice? In the case of fan, the environment in which this unit operates is moderately aggressive. When rotating, the impeller is exposed to abrasive particles. Over time, the impeller there is an imbalance.

How diagnose and address the imbalance?

The most common and preferred method is vibration analysis. Vibration diagnostics - a method of nondestructive testing that can detect defects in equipment through the measurement of acoustic and vibration characteristics.

We recommend to use vibration meters BALTECH GmbH, for an entry level vibration measurement and dynamic balancing BALTECH VP-3460, advanced vibrodiagnostic complex BALTECH VP-3470-Ex. BALTECH VP-3470 supports balancing of impellers in its own bearings. In the package there is a special software BALTECH-Expert Vibration diagnostics used in the input condition monitoring of bearings.

To summarize, we can say that there are many methods of diagnostics of exhaust fans, as well as their balance. None of the methods of diagnosis with 100 percent certainty may not indicate an imbalance. Today, the best method of diagnosis is the combination of all methods of technical diagnostics.

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