BALTECH GmbH - Balancing of fan rotor balancing in place

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BALTECH GmbH - Balancing of fan rotor balancing in place

Today, the use of ventilation equipment in the industry, is an integral part of the production. To ensure continuous operation of this equipment without accidents need high-quality maintenance and repair. The specialists of the company BALTECH GmbH has developed a standard for conducting the necessary measures on maintenance of the ventilation equipment.

Today we will discuss one of the important processes to ensure the reliability of ventilation equipment – balancing of fans.

Highlights balancing of the fans described in ISO 14694:2003. Consider balancing technology.

The first step in balancing individual impeller (impeller) fan-out without shaft vertical balancing machine BALTECH VBM-7240 "Vertical Balancing Machines", and the second stage impeller is balanced in gathering with shaft on a horizontal balancing machine with cardan shaft BALTECH HBM-7135C "Horizontal Balancing Machines".

In the first two stages is the required residual imbalance according to the Standards, but in the future the most effective results in reducing vibration unit to achieve the balancing in own bearings (balancing). To ensure the process of balancing of fans in their own poles we recommend the use of portable devices BALTECH VP-3460 - vibration meter-tachometer-balancer-thermometer c program databases maintenance and accessories" or explosion-proof innovative system with two sensors vibration BALTECH VP-3470-Ex. These devices are well proven in operation on critical equipment. The devices are easy to use and have a high measurement accuracy. Part of the maximum configuration of the device BALTECH VP-3460 includes a powerful software complex - BALTECH-Expert software to maintain databases on the results of the vibration analysis, shaft alignment and thermal imaging surveys definition of a residual resource. This software allows in addition to obtain high-quality and succinct reports for balancing, to maintain a database of vibration machines in the enterprise. Balancing of fans in their own bearings using an inexpensive device "BALTECH VP-3460 - vibration meter-tachometer-balancer-thermometer" takes place in three stages:

- measurement of the source vibration

- measurement of vibrations with a trial weight

- installation of the balancing load on the rotor and control the start

For a more professional study of the process of balancing the fan we recommend you to sign up for our training courses are TOP-102 "fundamentals of dynamic balancing of rotors" in the company BALTECH GmbH.